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Healing the Planet
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Our core celebration/initiation
The Eternal Return
Dancing the annual cycle

Decay, Death, Rebirth, Hieros Gamos, Growth, Flowering, Fruitfulness



The Eternal Return consists of dancing the Mother's Law of the Universe: the "Cycle of Death, Rebirth and Permanence". It is the oldest ritual of mankind. Every part includes a Text, a Projection, Music and the Dance. The TEXT is fixed (see below) and will be recited by one of the participants. PROJECTIONS may vary according the the "taste" of the local group. At the moment the MUSIC is still provisionary, since I have to go through trial and error myself. Last but not least the DANCE is based on the following principles.

The first stage you make conscious contact with the ground, your body and your breathing (feeling awareness). Once established you identify with the particular season. Watch the emotions, that emerge in you. Then, while keeping in touch with your body all the time, you start expressing that particular emotion. All movements continuously come from within. Eventually, awareness, body and movement will fuse into unity. Not you, but IT will be dancing you. The whole celebration is veiled in awareness, devotion and sacredness.

NB. A (provisionary) Mother Shrine is always part of the celebration.


The Western World only thinks of " harvesting". However, its greed is destroying the entire planet. Decay is visible on all levels of society. When I look at the leaves covering the soil my heart is saddened. I have to let go of all things accumulated: within and without.  

A autumn landscape

It starts with joyful music, f.i. the Renaissance "Music of Joy" or Carl Orff's "O, Fortuna". Followed by nostalgic and sad music. "Music from the ghetto" or "Mauthausen" of Mikis Theodorakis are two good examples.

The facilitator takes the lead. He/she demonstrates an autumn dance: after initiatial joy about the harvest, he/she will express inwardness, pain, loss and sadness. Subsequently, everybody participates in the dancing.


The Feminine has been raped and the Green Man is dying. That's why the earth is turning into a wasteland. The whole world mourns, having no choice but to face the long winter months. It symbolizes the death of the ego. It is an invitation to return to the Source, the Vessel of Regeneration. Trusting that dying to the old is bearing the promise of renewal.  

A barren winterly landscape, a destroyed rain forest or an industrial/ mega-city scenery are to be preferred.

I like Ravel's "Pavane pour une infante défunte" very much. But any other music that expresses death/destruction or mourning would do.

It is not easy to express the horrors of (violent) death. After the facilitator has set
the example the whole group joins the ordeal.


Early spring is the season of renewal. After having been in the Underworld the Green Man - with the help of the Goddess - is being reborn. It is the time for ecstatic rejoicing. In our times it means, that there are still vital forces, that help the earth recovering. Everybody shares gratitude, joy and hope. It culminates in the union of the Goddess and the King securing the offspring for the year.  

The first part - Rebirth - could be a butterfly creeping out of the cocoon or a snake throwing off its skin. But also the famous Samadhi picture of Sri Ramakrishna, or the my divine dancer would do. Blossoms ("sakura") not to forget. The second part any beautiful erotic picture, symbolizing the sacred marriage, like the ones from Sumeria or Ellora and Ajanta (India) f.i. are eligible.

Rebirth e.g. resurrection is a "spectacular" event. It is the highlight of life, überhaupt. The music should be correspondingly. My favorite is the Tibetan Buddhist "Mahakala". It is a successor of the old Mesopotamian celebration music.

Watch within and connect to the "virgin" energies of blossoming. The facilitator will show how to start very gently. You may feel like a child (of the Mother), once again. Slowly, your dancing comes to the open, exploring the new terrain. Eventually, you "discover" your fellow-dancers, while starting a subtle love play with one of them.


In Summer we celebrate the fullness of life. Everything is overflowing and abundant. If your within connects with your without the unity of life will be restored. You include everything: the grass, the flowers, the trees, the animals, the people, the rocks, the rivers and the clouds.

What about sunflower fields, pictures of paradise or any other beautiful landscape? Also animals or happy people could be a good choice here.

I have very exciting festival music of the Andes Indios in Peru. But obviously, the choice is limitless. In the near future I will do some additional research to find some more pieces of music that comply with this particular season. In the mean time you may choose the music yourself.

Summer is the crown to the year. It is the time of celebration, exuberation and joy. So, throw your energies out. Reach out to all others. Embrace your neighbor. Re-enact the ancient chain-dance. Give in to every emotion: sing, shout, cry or thank the Mother by going on your knees. Thank the Cosmos for being alive!  



Followed by a moment of silence and contemplation. Reconnect to the Origin. Realize the relativity AND the beauty of the "cycle of death and rebirth" of which you are a part. Realize how "The Eternal Return" is enriching your life. You may spontaneously embrace people around you. Express your gratefulness to the Mother. Go to Her Shrine and pray for yourself, your beloved and for the world. Bring Her some flowers or other offerings.


Be firmly resolved to include the whole of existence, without exception. Translate this in some kind of action, f.i. "Healing the Planet" initiative. Inspired by the Celebration there is merry socializing, eating, drinking and other kinds of activities. It may become an important foundation to new Community Life.


For more information, guidelines and support you may always contact us. "The Eternal Return" DVD with Text, Projection, Music and Dance is in the making!

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