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Mahakala(i) is the patriarchal "God of Time". However, originally "he" was the Universal Great Mother, ruling "birth and death" (which is the foundation of time). Here we have restored Her original Power. Linguistically we have to call Her "Mahakali", which is the feminine version. In order to remember the "coup" we keep calling Her "Mahakala", though. The same we did with the "Kala" to be found at the Borobudur and other Indonesian Temples (Candis).  


Great Mother of pre-Hindu/Buddhist era,
later to become demonized
It's never too late to join the Truth


There are several "steps" patriarchy undertook to "neutralize" powerful Deities from previous periods. The most powerful "Deity" was the Great or Cosmic Mother. Her Omnipotence included the entire universe. In Her Womb both "God" (the Light) and the world are born, the latter continuously returning to their Origin. Her All-Inclusive Nature makes manipulation impossible, hence She is a great "challenge" to all those who's aim it is to manipulate "souls" with the help of the Divine. Not surprisingly thus that the Cosmic Mother is THE target of all power obsessed patriarchal religions. Buddhism isn't an exception to this rule. To the contrary, it did everything to become the dominant religion. Especially in Tibet this has become clear through the many centuries of oppression and persecution of pre-Buddhist Bön people. It is very similar to the behavior of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. After a long period of "crushing enemies" they start showing their "peaceful face". Logically, because in the end no "enemies" are left anymore. To know their true aims you have to know their history. It starts even earlier: with the patriarchalization by Hinduism.

The key figure is the God Shiva. He is the second part of the trilogy of Creation, Destruction and Preservation. The other Gods are Brahman and Vishnu. It is a clear example of how "Gods" have taken over the function of the original Great Mother. Originally Creation, Destruction and Preservation were the undivided qualities of Her Cosmic Womb. Only in relation to the Womb these Forces make sense! Creation: out of What? Destruction: by What? and Preservation: in what way? Without an underlying Dimension these categories lack coherance. Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu cannot exist on their own. In reality they are all aspects of the underlying Cosmic Womb. Its Bottomless Depth is the Mystery that makes the "Trimurti" possible. History can help us a little. For Shiva is claiming to not only "ruling over" Destruction but also over Creation. Furthermore it is a fact admitted by all scholars that he is a pre-Vedic Deity. Pre-Vedic means before 1500 BCE. The intrigueing thing is, that that era belonged to the Great Mother. E.g. the Enuma Elish in which the definitive end of the Mother (Tiamat killed by the God Marduk) is celebrated, goes back to 1000 BCE. Thus "Shiva" said to be the God of Creation and Destruction was actually a Vegetation God of the Mother: a "dying and resurrecting God" (note the subtle difference with the patriarchal formulation), just like Tammuz, Osiris, Attis and Baal. The "proto-Shiva" - a head with foliage - found at Mohenjo Daro (Indus civilization, 2000 BCE) underlines my point.

Inherent to all patriarchal Deities is that they claim superiority over all others (think of the "I am a jealous God" of the Bible). This is how Shiva tried to replace the Original Cosmic Mother. To underscore his claim he "did" several things. First of all he appointed himself as the "Great Black One". It was an outrageous act for Black is THE color of the Dark Universal Womb. No God in the world can claim Black as his color. They are ALL Light Deities. If they do, then it is always stolen from their maternal Origin. It proves their greed for power: to replace Mother's rule by their own. Subsequently, one of the other key aspects of the Mother was also copied. The Mother - though the dynamic equilibrium of Creation and Destruction - rules "time". Everything in the universe has a beginning and an end. It is Her Natural Law. In the hands of power greedy Gods "time" became an instrument to intimidate "souls". To ignorant beings it causes (existential) fear. This Angst makes them an easy prey for oppression and manipulation. The Natural Cycle of Birth and Death was subsequently replaced by "Escaping from Birth and Death". While in ancient times everybody accepted the Cosmic Law fearlessly, the patriarchs became obsessed by it. Buddhism can be considered as a collective effort to escape from Natural Law! While Shiva on the other hand... claimed "his" function as the "God of Time". Combine this with "his" Blackness and a new manifestation is born: MAHAKALA(I): his fear-inspiring Black-Destructive aspect, the "ruler of time".

The Mother Realm - Her Nothingness Embracing all and everything, without exception - just by non-doing - reminded people of Her Original Nature, though. The Feminine lineage was manifested by the Great Kali, MotherGoddess "of" Hinduism. Typically, Brahmins define Her as the "consort of Shiva", or as the "feminized variant of Mahakala or Great Time, an epithet of the God Shiva" (Wiki) which is an outrageous claim. Then Sri Ramakrishna, the one who devoted his whole life to Her, was much closer to the Truth. He exclaimed: "The night sky between the stars is perfectly black. The waters of the ocean depths are the same. The Infinite is always mysteriously Dark. This inebriating Darkness is my beloved Kali". Images where Kali stands on the dead corpse of Shiva tell the story. She is the Origin, a direct expression of Mother Power, while Her "husband" is "just" a "dying and resurrecting God". Hence, it is time to make things utterly clear. The Universal Mother was usurped by patriarchal religions. They separated and divided Her unified Power in order to be able to manipulate the souls. Today (wo)mankind is experiencing the "Hour of Truth" in which millennia of deceit are exposed. We all want to go back to the Origin, to know about "what Really Is". This in order to become renewed. The latter is a matter of life and death, because we are about to commit collective suicide. So what is more logic but to take refuge in the Origin of "death and rebirth", the Great Black Mother?

This immediately leads to a major rehabilitation: MAHAKALA, the Great Black One isn't a "protector" of patriarchal Dharma nor is "he" a manifestation of Shiva. In Reality "he" is the Original Great Cosmic Mother, with emphasis on both Her Essence as well as Her Destructive quality. The emphasis on the latter has not come out of the blue. First of all the universe is expanding. It means that the Light Forces have lost inherent power. The more these Powers distance themselves from the (Maternal!) Source, the greater their "entropy". Sooner or later they reach a "turning point" where energy becomes so exhausted that they come under the grip of the Destruction Force. This "burn-out" energy becomes "dark matter". Rather than moving from the "Center" to the periphery Gravity moves it in a centripetal direction: back to the Origin, the Bottomlessness of the Womb. Does it dawn to you? At this particular Moment in time we experience a Cosmic Decay! An additional excursion might be useful. Existence can be understood by assuming various "planes". One of those is the "ego-plane". Its main characteristic is "accumulation". It feverishly accumulates personality, status, power, wealth, experience to such an extent that other people, cultures and nature are destroyed. On this plane the balance has been thoroughly disturbed. It is by the way the cosmic approach to capitalism. The latter deregulating Cosmic Balance! For all planes are interconnected. What happens on the ego plane has its effects on all others. Take into account that the universe is "reversing" already (see above)..... and it suddenly becomes all clear to you.

The taking back of MAHAKALA has nothing to do with inter-religious strive. She expresses Cosmic Truth. While patriarchy has abused Her for its proselytizing activities "Her Face of Glory" ("Kirtimukha") has to save mankind as a whole. She represents nothing less but the Cosmic Situation the whole of (wo)mankind is in. Private (sectarian) interests have to give way for the interest of the Whole. One can say that only She can still save the earth. For during millennia of patriarchal "effort" the ego couldn't be curbed. On the contrary, the current ego-catastrophy is unprecedented. Therefore, it is an act of Cosmic Compassion to restore MAHAKALA as Universal Principle. What is at stake is, that only Her Bottomlessness - Absolute Emptiness - can destroy the ego. It is our last chance. Because who else can do it? You have to admit that mankind has tried everything already. Without success. Therefore, have the courage and admit the failure of patriarchal religion as a whole. Don't hide yourself in a self-created confortable niche anymore. It was a full disaster, and no Madonna, Virgin, Kuan Yin, Tara or Prajnaparamita, let alone the pantheon of Gods and Buddha's.....will ever save you*. Either the ego dies or the planet will, that is the situation. Instead of playing around we have to go back to the Origin. Only the Origin has the Power, everything else is just a derivative. Have thus the courage and let your ego die in Mother's Womb.... and you will live. Because deep down death is transformed into rebirth. Her Transformative Power is giving birth to the Eternal Light. People who take refuge in the Mother are the true hopefuls to this world.

* The only Buddha wo "understood" is Maitreya, the "One Who has been sent by the Eternal Mother" (Chinese Pao-Chüen text). He already seems to be among us.....

People of "faith", reclaim MAHAKALA (KIRTIMUKHA, KALI, KALA, KALAMAKARA), the Great Black One. Celebrate HER comeback, share it with the whole of (wo)mankind.


Her Blessings 

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