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Cosmic Womb Mandala
Both the Divine (white, yellow) as well as the universe (green) are born from the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning to their Origin

My Mailing of March 2011 to scientists (physicists, anthropologists, biologists, sociologists, theologians) on the issue of "Science and Religion")




Cosmic Mother

With tremendous joy and gratitude I announce to you the most important Turning Point since the beginning of Christianity 2000 years ago

  "Light (God) comes out of Darkness (Cosmic Mother)" e.g. not God created the world out of nothingness, but Nothingness is giving birth to both God and the universe, the latter continuously
returning to their Origin

* In 1977 the Ultimate revealed Itself to me, not through ideas, concepts, images, intuition, visions or experience, but through direct Realization of "Her" Reality

Since time immemorial Nothingness is called
Dark Night, Cosmic Womb or "Great Mother". This complies with physics, the latter defining it
as "Cosmic Vacuum"

The Womb rules the universe through "Her" Cosmic Forces of "Light" (birth) and "Darkness" (death). They are opposite e.g. parallel forces maintaining Cosmic Balance

As above, so below. Evolution is regulated by the Cosmic Forces of "Birth and Death". On the spiritual plane it is the breakdown of the ego, together with the birth of the True Self, causing ongoing Renewal and Regeneration

The breakthrough consists of the fact that science and a renewed religion focus on the selfsame Reality: the former studies, the latter worships IT. It is
the beginning of A New Era

I celebrate this truly historic event with everyone dedicated to science and religion, sharing this discovery with you through my free brochure "The Supreme Design" (see website)


Suddenly (1977)
the Lightning struck annihilating my entire Being
A Moment of Absolute Nothingness
immediately followed by the Eternal Light
Incredible joy, laughing for no reason,
lasting the whole day
That same night suddenly the Ocean of Horror, stripping off all my personal faculties
Only my awareness left, struggling for survival
In the morning the resurrection!
The beginning of ten years of uninterrrupted Bliss, including several other Great Experiences
Wandering around, living a carefree life
like a "lilly in the field"
Then the Divine retired "throwing me upon myself", giving me the opportunity of integrating old parts of self into my New Identity
These were hard times
with many obstacles and suffering, lasting
more than twenty years
In the mean time writing down my insights and experiences resulting in some 12 books, many treatises and essays, all published
for free in the internet


The greatest temptation:
identifying myself with "my" Enlightenment, using it for my own ego-purposes
struggling with the "Widersacher" took many years
Then, in the depth of my ordeal,
suddenly I realized the True Nature
of "my" Realization
The Light had been preceded by Darkness!
The latter is Empty, the Vacuum, the Cosmic Womb, giving birth to the Divine
Immediately my obsession with the Light
was dropped off
My new insight:
Nothingness is the Mother of God and the universe
The "Maternal Dimension of God" is the Core of all religions
Not self-realization but surrender and worship are the highest stages on the spiritual Path
Her Bottomlessness taking care of the ego
After more than three decades I had the courage to come to the open
The message is clear: In these most critical of times
the Cosmic Mother has revealed Herself
in order to save the planet

Han Marie Stiekema
New Teacher, "Green Man" and (holistic) Physician (since 1972)

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