Aizanoi Roman temple

Kind of chalices upside down

Intrigueing leaf motive

MotherGoddess of Aizanoi, generally considered to be Kybele

Kybele with leaf motive. Later this became the motive of the Green Men, symbolising his commitment to the "cycle of birth and death"

Space under the temple. Sanctuary ("Womb") of Kybele. Under Christianity these spaces became church crypts
Faces of the dead decorated with guirlandes.

Young boy (Dionysos?) symbol of rebirth. People thus identified with the ancient "dying and resurrecting" God i.e. the Green Man. This symbolism is abundantly present in every Roman nekropolis

Ruins of the bath house with temple

Stadion and theatre

Mosaic of Maenad and Satyr, emphasizing the importance of the Dionysian cult


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