Gordion, the town of Kybele and Midas. In Gordion Alexander the Great cut the "Gordion Knot"

A barren landscape "at the end of the world". Quite a few tumuli, that have not been excavated yet.
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The tomb of King Midas
Absolutely precious and lovely pieces. The Tree of Life - symbol of the Great Mother - and Her beasts. Later a personified image replaced the Tree (under). LINK: "The Lady and Her beasts".


Very few people know that the original name of Kybele was "Matar"

Again a precious Kybele


A rare image of Dionysos taking refuge in the Maternal Flower. Similar to "Buddha in the Lotus" and "Maitreya in the Cosmic Egg". LINK: Great Mother Buddhism

Midas was a Son/Lover of Kybele, one of the successors to Dionysos. However, he was seduced by his newly acquired power. He asked Dionysos to fulfill him a desire: to transform everything he touched into gold. At first this seemed wonderful. As his food, drinks and daughter also became gold, he realized his greed. Midas is the example of a "fallen Green Man"

King Midas

Alexander in Gordion

The knot I cut was the pledge to commit myself to "Healing the Planet"


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