Home of the Black Stone

Main Center of Kybele worship. From here the Romans (204 BC) took the Black Stone to Rome. I was here to once again take Her - as the symbol for the Universal Cosmic Mother - to the Mother Mountain of Europe: the Untersberg, in order to support the world in implementing the "Healing the Planet" initiative

Stele of the Archigallos (High Priest of Kybele) together with some main symbols of the religion
The Roman Kybele Temple (2d century A.D.). The original Phrygian sanctuary is located under the village. Archeologists are waiting for a possibility to excavate it. At the moment the findings are - unfortunately - rather poor. The symbolic value, however, is enormous

"Son/Lover" in ceremonial dress

The Odeon

Nasruddin Hodja
(Statue at Sivrihisar)


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