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Archetypes of Western culture

Themes 5


We are infinitely proud to be descendants of these two miraculous survivors: the Green Man and the Wise Woman. While the dominant culture is languishing miserably, we have risen as a phoenix from the ashes. We have emerged from the shadows and take our rightful place in history. Our foundations are solid. From the Cosmic Mother to Her Daughters, the Goddess in every woman, from the Divine Light Her Son, who is All-Present to the Green Men and Wise Women who embody this Immanence. As objects of art they can be admired anywhere in Western Europe, thus forming a new network for the revival of European culture. Our Tradition is the continuation of the original integrated Western spirituality and is more than ten thousand years old. So we have a rich history and mythology. In addition, we have developed a very effective meditation ("The Universal Way"), which is accessible to everyone. We have redefined the relationship between woman and man and have made far-reaching proposals for the renewal of the culture.

Logically, that sooner or later the question about training or education of Green Men and Wise Women landed on the table. The seriousness of the global crisis does not allow that this issue will be postponed. There had been a model before: LINK: Transformatorium. To ensure a flexible start, two proposals are developed side by side. Before the beginning of the first group I will definitely set the curriculum. Because questions have already been raised, I have made from the outset and cristal clear that the training program for Green Men and Wise women on the one hand and the Pilgrims NetWork on the other are two completely separate initiatives. Along the pilgrim routes, there will be no advertising whatsoever in this direction!

The training consists of three Initiations. The first is called ORIENTATION. As the word already indicates it is a phase of freedom to look around. It is an advantage if people come to us out of (painful) confrontation with the "world" (although it is obviously not a requirement). The greater the alienation, the stronger the desire for wholeness. This longing is decisive. It is the raft that carries you through (later) waves of problems and setbacks. Simultaneously, it is expected from you, that you firmly stand on your feet, able to solve your own problems, so that you will be able to and will make a positive contribution to the community. That's why in the ORIENTATION  selfrealization and integration are central. It is expected that you accept the supervision i.e. guidance of the teacher and his helpers. Concretely, this time consists of attending lectures, participating in the daily monastic daily schedule LINK: "The Universal Way", personal consultations, staying in nature, with intensively-LINK: "Emotional self-integration", study, and light forms of service. At the end of this phase, with different outcomes for each of you, there is an evaluation. Is this good for you, then go over to the second phase

This is called COMMITMENT, accompanied by a second initiation. After that, for three months you join a Healing Community or for lack of one found one yourself. The Healing Community has three (four) pillars: devotion to or taking refuge in the Ultimate or Cosmic Mother, participating in a monasterial daily schedule based on the Universal Way, while it is possible at the same time to continue studying the Original Tradition. The third (fourth) pillar consists of forms of intensive servitude. The three months in the community are finished by a Green Man or Wise Woman Pilgrimage of one month. The pilgrimage along the churches is designed and determined by yourself. At the end of these four months in turn an evaluation is made in which your own participation is appreciated. It consists among others in writing a paper with an overview of your experiences. If you manage to clear this hurdle (PS. The assessment of your teacher is accepted a priori and will not be discussed.....) the third phase can begin. Since I elaborately discussed the Healing Community earlier on (LINK: Healing Communities) no further explanation is needed.
The third initiation is the gravest one. For in it you are officially initiated as a Green Man or Wise Woman. Though there are no real obligations no one can or wants to (!) force you to stay a member and you can leave any time you like.  It is a ceremonial moment in which you express your intention to commitment, solidarity and faithfulness. As a sign of your admission the green poncho - our sacred garment - is presented to you. Afterwards there will be a programme called TRAINING. The emphasis is on the development of essential skills. In the first part the emphasis is on Spiritual Service. It covers an intensive retreat of 10 days in which you are taught the seven steps of the Universal Way . The aim is (of course) that you pass this on to other people. The second lesson package is about Health Service. This corresponds with a basic course in Chinese Guasha therapy, complemented by basic knowledge of the Flow System as developed by Master MeiMei Yu (from China ) and myself. LINK: & You learn about Community Service and Earth Service through private studies of the "Origin", the SourceBook of the Original Tradition. You will report briefly on these parts. Once you have concluded this the world is open to you, you having committed to practice as Green Man or Wise Woman SS/HS/CS and ES for the benefit of everybody and everything, all this on the basis of voluntary donations.
PS. Once again: Participation in the PilgrimsNetwork and training as a Green Man or Wise Woman are two COMPLETELY separate matters!


Anyone who doesnt take part in the rat race is excluded. Even those who want to participate and are talented face the same fate. Mass dismissals are a daily occurrence and certainly this will become much worse. For instance I (as a doctor) have been making an effort to propagate a natural prevention of flu in the last few years. Link: This is supposed to be of everyones interest, even of the state and big business because there will only be few cases of illness. In vain. Newspapers, magazines, TV refuse to respond to my information. Even the German Federal president who likes to talk about community, renewal and even revolution did not descend to send me an answer when I sent him my little book about the flu accompanied by a nice letter. Thus the system (intentionally......) creates an army of castaways. Undoubtedly by doing so the elite hopes for a permanent mass of cheap workforce to have at its disposal. In the USA the army is provided with an abundance of hopeless adolescents. But there is a third option.
In the past there had been similar situations. Think of the Dark Ages when the Roman Empire had collapsed. In public life little could be done since it almost didnt exist. So the only possibility was to turn inside, back to the roots, in order to find approaches to a new culture. This was the contribution of Irish monks, representatives of a Green Christianity. They managed to bridge the dark period by copying and spreading innumerable classic and early-Christian manuscripts. Soon afterwards the diverse religious orders were forming. Through a close community, a common ideal, a daily schedule and the servitude towards the Whole they managed to build a new culture. This even was so successful that some of them - the Templars - finally were destroyed again by the Pope and King. Without aiming for the latter the idea of an open, spiritual or Healing Community is the model for survival i.e. an evolutionary model for the near future. For one thing is certain: the decay of todays society cannot be stopped. Individual security cannot be guaranteed anymore. So: Join the new culture, found Healing Communities of Green Men and Wise Women*! I will  personally help you in doing so.
The Origin, source book of the Original tradition is entirely dedicated to the RENEWAL OF CULTURE. You can find uncountable inspirations in it.

* Detailed information is available in the "Origin", the SourceBook of the Original Tradition


O, Great Cosmic Mother
She Who lifted up Her Veil to me
out of Nothingness I dissolved into the Light
there is no way to repay Your Great Kindness
returning I saw the world in great trouble
so I descended

The great mess is the result of
many ages of ignorance, deceit and oppression
many people were misled by the contention
of being original sinners
miserable creatures that could only
be saved through Jesus

Others focussed on life itself
as the cause of misery, sickness and decay
"escape from the cycle of birth and death"
go to the Other Shore they say
to the Realm of Perfection and Eternal Joy
in order to be liberated

Then, sick of all sicknesses
some are so fed up with it all
that they declare "God forever dead"
because why the world is ever more deteriorating
despite 2000 years of liberation,
salvation and redemption?

Isn't it all but true that
the chaos of today is the accumulation
of many ages of going astray?
something must have been terribly wrong
from the very beginning
together let's find out

Personal salvation appears
not to be enough anymore
it has led to self-centeredness, greed, indifference
nowadays people's suffering consists of
being alienated from both Heaven,
earth and the community

Because of this predators
of all kinds saw their chance
seducing mankind with a substitute world
of consumption, addiction and virtuality
the dream turning into a cancer growth though
destroying reality

To fully understand the situation
in which we live is a pre-requisite for
finding a way out of the suicidal spiral
in order to make a new step in evolution
we have to acknowledge the fact
that society is in decay

Instead of resisting this
true intelligence tells us to go with it
aren't all value systems exhausted nowadays?
the past is the cause so how can it bring us relief?
only by dying to the old one can
become reborn

Suddenly the crisis
turns into an opportunity
for it helps us to go back to the Origin
the latter appears to be a Vacuum, a Cosmic Womb
in Her Bottomlessness our ego dies
while being constantly renewed

Ongoing regeneration
is the answer to the alienation of today
with our New Selves becoming part of
Heaven, earth and the (new) community, once again
as a "conditio sine qua non" for
Healing the Planet

Independent, for the common good, especially benefitting interfaith dialogue
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