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A silent revolution is taking place. Th goal is total control over people and society e.g. the attempt at all costs to continue the current self-destructive system. It will not take long anymore and (wo)man is trembling with fear for an all-present and at the same time untangible Big Brother. And then I don't think yet of the climate catastrophe etc. etc. Suddenly you realize your vulnerability. The big question: is an answer possible? If yes, from where this has to come?

Dear people. I myself did find out only very recently. I would thus be the last, who blame you, that the situation hasn't become entirely clear to you. Hopefully, you will be shocked now. In particular, spiritual people should b aware of it. Isn't spirituality not about awakening, solidarity and a better world? To be exclusively concerned with your own spiritual wellbeing proofs to be too meager. If you love life, then you should feel responsible.

It took a long time, but this is the Moment we feel, that "we don't have a choice anymore". If you don't commit yourself NOW, when? We have defined our commitment into three major goals 1) To deepen e.g. to intensify the individual spiritual Way 2) Life as a connected Whole e.g. "inner is outer" e.g. "above is below" e.g. "everything is connected to everything", nothing excluded 3) The necessity of solidarity between all people.

We have worked this out in 7 Steps. These 7 Steps are the foundation of "Healing the Planet, to begin with yourself", like we have announced it in the brochure.* In the teachings and additional activities we stimulate everybody to put the 7 Steps into practice. While probably having the feeling in the beginning, that you have to "row against the flow", after some time you will see, that you are going to receive strength, inspiration and support from an ever growing group of people.

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The result is a breakthrough on all levels of society:
A New  Spirituality, A New Psychology, A New
Health Care, A New Culture, A New Society,
A New Community and A New Earth

The 7 Steps
I commit myself to the following:

1) I see the necessity of deepening e.g. intensifying my spiritual life. Actually, everything depends on having contact with the Primordial Ground of existence, the Source of insight, love and strength. That's why I have to make it a priority in daily life. I am happy with the suggestion of obliging myself to 3 periods per day of silence, prayer, contemplation and/or meditation: in the morning after waking up, at noon and in th evening before going to bed. Obviously, the content I will determine according to my own insights and priorities.

Support: collected works of Han Marie, as published in the internet, spiritual advice & guidance, home meetings, regular teaching, weekends/retreats "The Universal Way".....

2) Linked to spiritual life there is the necessity to work on my personal integration: spiritual, psychological and physical. Being fruitful in the world depends on my inner balance. Meditation and therapy belong together. For that I am very much willing to try out some methods, that can help me with that, like feeling awareness, emotional self-integration, the mother healing and the personal health plan, apart from all other  therapies, of which I have the feeling e.g. the experience, that they suit me.

Support: psychotherapy (initiation/transpersonal), home meetings, regular teaching, group consultation......

3) To begin living healthy (if you aren't doing this already) obviously, occupies an important position. Don't diseases increase head over heels? (a.o. stroke, heart arrest, brain tumors, Alzheimer, chronic disorders with children). Flow system therapy with its 200 self-help methods is a tremendous support. Also the self-help courses with Chinese guasha have proved to be especially welcome. Moreover, many of us have already done much in this regard, that's why we can exchange in all kinds of ways: child care, cooking experience, yoga etc. Our goal is A New Health Care, not only on small scale, but also big.

Support: flow system therapy acc. to Han M.Stiekema, MD, courses Chinese guashatherapy, group consultation, personal health plan, design of A New Health Care....

4) I can also agree with you, where you say, that in the current world crisis the key issue is the total transformation of self and society. Aren't the norms and values of an entire culture in an advanced state of decomposition? It is up to us to develop alternatives. The (spiritual) education of our children plays a essential role. They cry out for identity, perspective and opportunities. We are open to all traditions and times in this regard. What we need is a world view based on "feminine" values, like connectedness, tolerance, community, love, wholeness, justice and sustainability. The Legend of the Grail takes up a special place, because it symbolizes THE archetype of personal and collective renewal.

Support: collected works of Han Marie, as published in the internet, the Grail legend, initiation of "Green Men" and "Wise Women" groups, study of culture critics of all times......  

5) Our survival depends on our ability of creating a new community. That this is a serious matter is proven by the fact, that the "counter forces" actively and resolutely work on shattering the community (further), this in order to drive the people in the arms of consumerism. We thus have to fight against forces like seduction, indoctrination, advertisement, addiction, control, compulsion and manipulation. The counterbalance can only come from a vitally-alive, strong and democratically- organised community. We could make a beginning!

Support: collected works of Han Marie, as published in the internet, community democracy acc. to J.Althusius, sociocracy acc. to K. Boeke, ideas of e.g.. A.Einstein, M.Buber, E.Fromm and many others... 

6) It is clear, that the earth cannot tolerate further (unlimited) economic growth anymore. We thus have to work together for a "Economy of Enough". To realize, that "happiness" is far more fulfilling than "money" is crucial. Many initatives can be developed. Support from local, environmentally friendly small enterprises, that moreover serve the community, is important. We have to bring our saving money to "kosher" banks. Ideas like part-time jobs, basic income for everyone, subsidiarity and volunteering for the community cannot be denounced as "utopic". Solidarity with the hungry and expoited peoples of the Third World is self-evident.

Support: all help, subsidies from society, ideas like "economy of the enough" (prof.Goudszwaard/H.de Lange) and "Strohalm" haven't lost their actuality at all.......

7) It is our deepest longing to - according to our ability - restore the Wholeness of Life. Above mentioned steps lead "automatically" to "A New Earth". We can never do enough to develop our ecological awareness further. Indeed, everything is related to everything else, nothing excluded. It cannot be (like it happens so often) that f.i. everything is being done to eat healthy, while at the same time a wireless (DECT) telephone - an extreme harmful thing - is on the bedside table. Electro-smog - apart from toxic load in the house, industry and agriculture - is one of the greatest threat to our health. We should demand, that the harmlessness of products and applications is irrefutably proven, before they are set at us.

Support: all help, subsidies from society, a golden oldie: Earth Care, starting a climate crisis group, civic action against electro-smog etc. etc......

"Awaken!, restructure your life and serve others"

The Source of Empowerment:
The Universal Way

Healing the Planet concerns us all. Therefore, start a local group and/or invite
Green Man to give a talk in your town or city.


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