The Templar's True Secrets
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The Templars' True Secret (3)
Additional impressions: Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (Barcelona), Tall and St.Bertrand de Comminges (Pyrenees)


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The Templar's True Secrets

1 & 2
Reborn Order

What I certainly didn't want to miss is the Great Mother, disguised as the Virgin Mary, holding a (Grail) Chalice in Her hand. The original can be found in the Art Museum of Barcelona. (A copy exists in Tall, Pyrenees, see under). The picture hides many secrets, of a kind that can only be taught orally.

That Catalonia used to be rich with "foliate heads" or Green Men is illustrated by these pictures. The upper right has a goat in his beard. It could therefore very well symbolize an archaic Vegetation God, of the kind the Templars used to revere..... 

 Obviously, I visited the church of the Grail Lady in Tall, the Pyrenees, as well. Unfortunately the church was closed. This was understandable, since it was siesta-time. Nowhere in the village a postcard of the (famous) Lady could be bought, though. No one had ever heard of Her, either.... It confronted me with the reality of orthodox church policies: a tight control on heterodox information?!

While Tall is situated on the Spanish side of the border, St.Bertrand de Comminges is very closeby on the French side. I was unlucky, because of a marriage service (with hundreds of attendants) filling the church. The number of pictures I could take - just shooting what was in front of me - is therefore very limited.
This church is known because of its Templar background. There are many tens of Green Men inside. The only one I saw shows striking similarities with those of Calatayud (left). But what to say of the most intrigueing picture: A MotherGoddess giving birth to a Green Man? One can see his face coming out of Her vulva. It is proof of the fact, that even in St.Bertrand the understanding of the archaic religion was still very much alive. PS. This theme can also be found in Exeter Cathedral, England, where the Green Man appears under the feet of the Virgin Mary...
Above: rebirth through the Grail Chalice? Above right and left under: almost exactly as the Calatayud images. It must be emphasized, that because of the oppression of the church, especially the MotherGoddess couldn't be portrayed as a original Near Eastern Deity. Hence, the disguises, the often bizarre figures, like sybils etc. The initiated, though, knew exactly what was meant. 

Green Man

Conclusion. There appears to be a clear link between Tomar, Calatayud and St.Bertrand de Comminges. How many other links are still waiting to be discovered?

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Green Man under the Virgin's feet.
(Exeter Cathedral)