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Wise Women
Reclaiming our Womanhood to the Benefit of the Whole

The first stage of "our"* emancipation was our struggle to achieve equal rights. It started with claiming the same intelligence, rationality, voting rights, job opportunities, career and social improvement as men. Eventually, we would occupy equal status and positions.

* I am deliberately identifying myself with my feminine part - which I actually have experienced - here, in order to be able to be as truthfully as possible. See: Threefold Realization (My Woman Within)

For those who achieved it, the result was disappointing.(Obviously, more so, for those who did not achieved it). What is the point having a position in a highly male-dominated competitive society? Moreover   - despite all propganda of "unlimited opportunities" - to women the road to the top proves to be actually blocked. So, some of us continued their quest for true womanhood. They turned to neglected or suppressed parts of themselves. Investigating our fears, inferiority complexes, denial of the body and sex, alienation from nature or the earth, while trying to simultanuously overcome actual obstacles such as sexual oppression, domestic violence and discrimination. This didn't prove to be easy though. Thrown upon ourselves, we desperately searched for an opening to new territories. It came through early writers like Mary Daly, Merlin Stone, Adrienne Rich, Marija Gimbutas and many others, who started questioning male supremacy in religion and spirituality. It was the beginning of the matriarchy and Goddess movement.

In the mean time, communication between groups on various continents didn't go very smooth, though. In fact, there proved to be huge differences between women in the US, who lived a life in luxery; the European women, who were a lot more skeptical about the high flights of their American sisters and our sisters of the Third World, who's interest primarily was (and is) survival of their communities. Not surprisingly thus, that we had to face a second and even deeper disillusionment. Sisters were not so bonding, committed, loving and caring for each other as previously assumed. "Solidarity" became an empty word. Moreover, the majority of women had not been reached (at all). The former continued to live a life of limited scope, dominated by stress, fear, need of security and addiction to shopping and consumerism. So, has the feminist experiment failed? Looking at the Third World one can decisively say NO to that question. There is hardly a group in the world that struggles so heroically for liberation, sustainability, justice and equal rights. What about the other two progressive groups? The impression is, that those who have achieved status and position, have adjusted very well to patriarchal society, while paying lipservice to their original ideals.*

* Not included those who - despite the defection of their colleagues - continued to fight for their cause. We are happy to know those women. They are really courageous sisters.

Isn't there another way out then? New openings always come from those areas, that were hitherto neglected. It is the Reality of the Great Mother, that is decisive here. Up till now we only re-connected to an image of the "Divine Feminine"*. Actually, without really knowing about Her True Nature. That all had changed recently, when She revealed HerSelf to the world. To those who used to be identified to images and concepts only, it will come as a shock.

* In the Goddess/Wicca movements one "creates her/his Goddesses/Gods according to one's own image". You identify yourself with certain aspects of self, mostly those that are supportive, inspiring and gratifying. It serves the purpose of strenghtening one's identity e.g. personal empowerment. Understandbly (and necessary) considering the deep personal crisis we are in. There is thus nothing wrong with it, as long as your realize that it is a role-play. Authentic fulfillment comes with surrendering to the One Reality, though.   

The Great Mother as Ultimate Reality proves to be a Vacuum, indeed, Absolute Emptiness or Nothingness. Your first reaction might be: "what is Her relationship to life?". We just have overcome the abstract or transcendental male God-concepts, with its absolute gap between the Divine and the world. Well, remind your own womb. Isn't that a dark empty cave? Precisely because it is empty, it is able to nurture and give birth to life. Our womb reflecting the Cosmic Womb, isn't that a miracle? Now, very often women claim the "MotherGoddess" as an "archetype" with which they empower themselves. The need for identification - realizing the millennia of oppression women had to endure - is, obviously very understandable and justified. However, one would sometimes think, that She is women's exclusive property. Sooner or later the question about REALITY has to be made, though. The outcome will determine, if the revival of the Original Tradition will become a living spirituality, or not. The REALITY of the Mother is All-Embracing, including the whole of existence. By emptying HerSelf She is giving birth to both the Divine (Her Light Body) and the universe (Her Material Body). This a.o. means, that the "God" of patriarchal religion, instead of being the "creator" is Her Son.

What about the (many) Gods and Goddesses, object of worship in many modern beliefs? The latter tend to despise the One Reality, in favor of "polytheism". Well, nobody would deny that reality is an integrated Whole. Existence consists of "unity in diversity". Unity is cosmic, while diversity is a characteristic of the earthly reality (which includes our mind). In the course of evolution the One Mother was subdivided in separate aspects or energy complexes, representing parts of the Great Mother. The Mother is Emptiness containing all forms. So, separate Goddesses and Gods originated. There is thus a fundamental distinction between the Great Mother and the Goddesses. Goddesses are aspects of our soul ("archetypes") projected in concepts, imagery, dreams, ideas and symbols. They are part of our "collective unconsciousness". They pop up in crucial stages of life, inspiring, supporting and comforting us. Within is without (and vice versa). Parts of the collective unconsciousness are corresponding with energy complexes in the outside - celestial, natural or/and under - world. According to their inherent nature e.g. since they are constructed according to our particular needs they change all the time. The Mother and Her Goddesses thus belong to different planes of existence. Eventually, they constitute an integrated Whole.      

Through this new insight a new understanding about our true womanhood emerges. Its secret lies in living in harmony with the Great Mother, and through Her with all other dimensions. The former manifesting HerSelf as the Law of the Universe, the dynamic equilibrium between death, rebirth and permanence (web of life). As has been said in the Green Man section, men's mission* is to identify themselves with "death and rebirth", while women's nature is a reflection of the cosmic web of life. Indeed, in practice, aren't women* identifying themselves with the "substance of life" in its broadest sense? They are masters in creating, maintaining and promoting life in all its aspects.

* Obviously, acknowledging the fact, that "gender" occupies a whole spectrum of roles: from very feminine women to very male men, and everything in between. Additionally, both women and men have their inner counterparts (animus and anima). Moreover, once having discovered your inner Self, your true identity proves to be neutral, giving you the opportunity of playing with with your gender, at will. Last but not least, you may discover your gay or lesbian nature.

In the past this was the reason, why women were pushed back in their role as housewives. Obviously, we totally oppose any form of oppression in this regard. On the contrary, our discovery opens a whole area of new opportunities. Here the spiritual and the political come together. We consider the community as the foundation of society. Not only as "habitat", but as "theater" of political sovereignty. It is corresponding with ancient notions - beautifully described in the Irish/British version of the Grail legend - in which The Eternal Feminine and the "sovereignty of the land" are identical. A new role for women implies a totally New World View with subsequent Transformation of Self and Society. In order to reclaim power in society, personal empowerment is a condition sine qua non. The struggle is worldwide. Countless women work on integrating their bodies, suppressed emotions, sexuality and relationships. However, rarely it transcends the limits of individualism and materialism. Every victim (of violence) is considered an "individual case", to be met with "personal solutions". It is bringing water to the sea, though. Few recognize the necessity of working on spiritual/cultural/social change, as well. In patriarchy, women never will achieve wholeness! Hence, we have to change the underlying paradigm of existence. It starts with opening up to "a feminine world view", with the Great Mother as the Ultimate Reality. Surrendering to Her gives you all the insights, love and strength you need for shaping a new reality. The second thing is to reclaim sisterhood. Only deep solidarity with others (including affiliated men) will be able to overcome the obstacles. 

Women have done the ground work in initiating, developing and expanding the pre-requisites for a humane, equal and just society. Their spiritual approach is based on identification with "the Goddess within". By imagining, dreaming, thinking, playing and acting they hope to achieve empowerment. Hence, to women Goddesses are powerful tools to strengthen their identity. The danger though is, that Divine Femininity becomes an idol "for women only". Excluding men would be a very narrow sighted approach, indeed. Unfortunately, sometimes self-righteousness, arrogance and even sexism (...) are not uncommon in certain womanist circles. The Great Mother puts an end to this. As the Cosmic Womb She is All-Embracing, without exception. Everything in the universe - "even men" - are equally included. This coincides with the moment in time, in which the survival of the planet is at stake. Obviously, we will only succeed in saving it when men will become partners.

In reclaiming our bodies, sexuality and relationships based on equivalence, three developments can be distinguished. These development don't need to be invented. You see them happening all over the Western world. First there is the "hieros gamos" model. It can be understood as an upgrading of a deteriorating monogamous marriage. If your marriage is about to fall apart you have two choices: divorce or renewal. The latter includes going back to the Source - "dying to the old" - while becoming reborn. Rather than the selfish ego, our New Selves become the foundation of our new relationship(s). You become "god and goddess" to each other*. Secondly, women increasingly are choosing the single parent role. However, in order to survive, you cannot keep relying on social security, only (as is often the case). Neither on your personal career. Sooner or later the existing economic system will collapse. We therefore have to take all necessary precautions. Hence, you have to extend your new awareness toward a new form of solidarity. You may find this in creating extended family groups, centered around women and children with men as their friends, partners and supporters...

* It will be clear, that our practice totally transcends the self-seeking degenerated Western "tantra" practice.

This is called the "Caribbean Model". Women have to seek support, solidarity and cooperation with each other, creating new kinds of "tribes". As "tribe mothers" they reclaim self-determination on all basic areas of life. Moreover, the various boyfriends - since the children often have different fathers - should become included. The boyfriends/ partners have to agree to form an extended family, centered around one (or more) mother(s) and children. It is the restoration of the archaic matriarchal (polyandrous) model. The advantages will be clear. Since society is falling apart, the tribe is taking care of the security of mothers and children, since the latter are the most vulnerable to violence. Men once again learn to be solidary with each other, working together for a common goal, thus eliminating the sickness of competition, rivalry and worse. Moreover, because they divide responsibilities, the burden of monogamy, in which they have been degraded to working slaves to their families will be taken from them.......

* Besides the existing practices in the Caribbean, and in Asia among the Mosuo**, study women solidarity in medieval Ireland in Lisa M. Bitel "Land of Women", 1996 Cornell University Press.

** A people with a largely matriarchal structure. In HongKong, my Chinese wife MeiMei and I interviewed a man for several hours, who lived with the Mosuo for four years. We have thus a pretty good impression of their way of life (Apart from incredible valuable books - in Chinese - and DVD's we acquired through him) 

Considering the rapidly increasing infertility of men - in some Western countries this has grown to more than 30% of the population - above mentioned model isn't that excentric as it may first look. Monogamy will not be able to produce (enough) children, anymore. Moreover, the underlying idea is, that in the (near) future atomized relationships will be too vulnerable to violence from outside. That's why, against the background of a degenerating society, new forms of cooperation have to be established.

PS. Unnecessary to say, that all those, who despite the above described urgencies wish to stick to their existing models and practices (f.i. because of religious belief) should keep their full freedom to do so. Aim is a free, but solidary society. The third development is homosexuality. Since it has been fully established (at least in the West) a few additional remarks will suffice. Just like the "hieros gamos" (sacred marriage), upgrading the homo relationship by giving it a spiritual foundation, could be desirable. It contributes to fulfillment, joy, solidarity and stability.

Our bankrupt society has had devastating consequences for women, children, family and community life. Fifty years of feminism have resulted in frustration and burn-out of those women, who tried to compete with men. A career with equal opportunities has proven to be an illusion. In the mean time, the birth rate of children goes dramatically down. Children who have been born are increasingly neglected. In order to survive, the home has to be managed like a business. Relationships sour and the divorce rate still goes up. Is this a result of feminism? Of a particular kind of feminism, certainly. That kind, that promotes the competitiveness between men and women. The kind that wanted "women to be like men". The kind of feminism, that had a blind eye to the disastrous consequences of capitalism. The result: a rat-race that has invaded the private sphere, with corresponding results. Feminism has chosen the wrong direction. In fact, it has to become more radical: advocating women's interests, originating from true feminine self-understanding. We believe, we have such a view. It is related to a wider political concept, in which "society" is defined as the self-sovereign community, rather than "a body" dominated by big business and the state, only. We have to go back to basics - first healing the family - while subsequently extending our abilities, e.g. responsibilities toward the community, reclaiming the latter as our foundation of life.    

Life-centered values should be in the hands of women. They have the right to occupying power in those areas, in which they exercise responsibilities. To us, this includes the family, the extended family and the whole of community*. In the old times this was called "mother-right". In some parts of the world, this already has become reality. To us the Self-sovereign Community is the basis of social life (while the state is merely an administrative body). Decisions should be taken by the democratically organized Community: the totality of individuals, families, groups, streets, neighborhoods, communes, counties and commonwealth together. I call this Community Democracy. Since women are the substance of life, representing the "living body" of society, it follows, that as part of the (basic) democratic process, electing women in highest functions should prevail, the latter taking care of all major community processes: basic democracy, governance, health care, environmental protection, finances etc.etc. Contrary to their recent disappointments with the rat race, exercising multifunctional power in a Sovereign Community complies fully with women's aspirations and abilities.

* See our elaboration on Community Democracy in "Transformation Manifesto for the 21st Century". PS. Women in patriarchal (top) power positions are a disaster, by definition. The combination of an (underlying) inferiority complex, distortion of femininity and ambition often make them more ruthless than men. Individual emancipation and striving for a new society, based on feminine values, like sustainability, cooperation, wholeness, love, justice and peace, should therefore go hand in hand. The succes of it can be observed in many "Third World" countries (f.i. Ghana, Bangla Desh, India, Mexico) in which women are taking the lead in community building, local democracy, education, health care, environmental protection and (cooperative) businesses. 

The Original Tradition gives every women the opportunity to experiment with their new roles. Obviously, all achievements of above mentioned "previous stages" will be at their disposal. In our Tradition women and men cooperate as Wise Women and Green Men. The former in developing the "animus", their male part, while the latter are invited to care about their "anima" or female part, within. Both have the chance to work toward integration and wholeness on all levels of existence. Guided by the Message of the Mother (Vision of the Grail): "Awaken!, restructure your life and serve others". In these most critical of times, our aim is the Transformation of Self and Society through healing of the 7 Major Distresses. It has led to our Healing the Planet Initiative, consisting of A New Spirituality, A New Psychology, A New Health Care, A New Tradition, A New Society, A New Economy and A New Earth. By joining we will raise our spirit, strengthen our effort and warming our hearts to the benefit of all beings. Wise Women and Green Men will cooperate together in all areas of life. It is the beginning of A New Era. In case you would like to have an additional impression of the teaching, please open MatriTalks

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