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(Wo)man rooted in "Heaven", Earth and the (new) Community


With regard of the cosmic/historical framework we accept the concept of the cycle of time, in which a civilization is going through periods of growth, sustainability and subsequent decay. We believe our society to be in the last stage of the cycle. This is supported by the Mother's "Law of the Universe" emphasizing a dynamic (cosmic) balance, consisting of death, rebirth and interconnectedness. On the human plane it was A.Toynbee who's study of civilizations largely supported this ancient insight. He observed, that all civilizations are developing along the same pattern. They start with a new spiritual/religious impulse, usually initiated by just one (enlightened) charismatic teacher.

This is creating a huge wave of enthusiasm, soon followed by efforts to put the original inspiration into a system of belief. This is the stage in which a New World View is developed. New philosophies are sprouting, sooner or later to be crystallized in a New Community e.g. restructuring of society. The original impulse usually becomes integrated in all sections of society, giving rise to a period of great achievements of the culture. Art, architecture, philosophy etc. are flowering. However, sooner or later the spirit of the beginning becomes unrecognizable and the culture enters the stage of decay. In order to keep things together, the emphasis is shifting to power, control and manipulation. A power elite is separating itself from the masses in an attempt to safeguard its privileges.

"Great Mother or Big Brother"

Eventually, the disintegration cannot be stopped. It is the time in which things go ugly (on the one hand), while (on the other hand) a creative minority will (secretly) go back to the (inner) Source, seeking for (spiritual) rebirth. It is from these circles, that a new charismatic leader or group will stand up to proclaim a new spirituality. If this takes place at the right moment, a moment in which the masses are disoriented e.g. desperate, this new impulse may become fertile. It is the birth of a New Spirituality. The cycle is about to become repeated. With regard to our own situation, we interpret the events as being very close to the ultimate chaos. Intuitively, we are expecting the possibility of a technological disaster, a cataclysm which will facilitate the birth of the New. Hence, our cosmic, spiritual and historical duty is to prepare the next stage of civilization.

"To have is the inability to Be"

Q. You once said, that the seven steps of transformation are all interconnected. Does that mean, that A New World View evolves from the previous step: A New Spirituality?

A. Generally every truly new impulse evolves from the Source. Hence, going back to the Great Mother is a pre-requisite for a new culture to be born. Insight, inspiration and creativity derived from spiritual Experience subsequently translate themselves into a new philosophy, something I call A New World View.

Q. How would you characterize it?

A. First of all an understanding of our existential suffering would be very revealing. The mechanism is as follows. Our greatest fear is fear of Nothingness which is equal to fear of death. Because of this we desperately cling to our self-image, which we call ego. Within a certain framework this is a useful structure. It prevents us from becoming overwhelmed. However, identifying ourselves this way alienates us from "the rest" of reality: our deeper Self, our suppressed emotions, our bodies etc.

Q. By being identified with ourselves we are cut off from a greater reality.

A. Indeed. You may define it as "having lost contact with Heaven, earth and the community". Although it sounds a little artificial, you may also say, that our consciousness is alienated from the Divine, our body is separated from nature and our soul is estranged from the community. We are totally "thrown upon ourselves", which is the essence of individualism.

Q. In the previous sector you have talked about giving up your ego in order to become reborn. How is this possible, since this is exactly the thing the ego is most anxious about?

A. This is a very good question indeed. It is a vicious circle. On the one hand the ego longs for breaking out from its prison, on the other hand this provokes its greatest fear. There are several ways of dealing with it. One is meditation, in which you step by step develop your inner awareness. With every progress some of the old identification drops spontaneously. The other way is that of devotion. It is here that the Great Mother plays a major role. In Her Bottomless Abyss everything dies while being reborn.

Q. Thus by surrendering to the Great Mother.....

A. Once you understand, that Nothingness is in fact the All-Embracing Cosmic Mother, your fear of Nothingness will turn into trust. Surrendering to Her will grant you the greatest gift possible: getting rid of your existential fear, while being reborn as a New Self.

Q. For many people this is the ultimate goal.

A. Individual rebirth is the first step toward salvation. It corresponds with the "destruction/creation" part of the Mother's Law of the Universe. In order to be in harmony with the Cosmos, this Law has still another requirement. It is the "permanence" part. It means, that personal liberation is just an intermediary step. It has to be followed by fitting in into the Whole once again, something I have called restoring the unity with "Heaven, earth and the (new) community".

Q. In this stage personal liberation has to become integrated into a greater whole.

A. Exactly. The "permanence" aspect of the Great Mother is the Web of Life, the interconnectedness of all beings, things and events. That's why the Mother is also called the Weaver. Without Her Web life wouldn't be possible. It is corresponding with an ecological point of view. Seen from this perspective the community (of people, animals, plants etc.) has an utmost priority.

Q. Does this correspond with your New World View?

A. Life is only complete, when you have restored the unity with "Heaven, earth and the (new) community". It is our existential situation. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc. this is what we all share. It is based on "feminine" values like inclusiveness, interconnectedness, durability, solidarity, wholeness, love, friendship and justice.

Q. These values are constantly under threat, it seems to me. How would you "implement" them?

A. First of all, it is depending on individual transformation. The more people find their way "back Home", the more the message will spread. On the other hand there are socio-economic forces, which are very hostile toward wholeness. It is absolutely necessary to recognize these foreces and to deal with them.

Q. Who are they?

A. Individual and social (collective) addiction are an extension of each other. On the personal level ignorance is defined by being unconsciously addicted to thoughts, emotions and desires. Once addicted to "your own" thoughts, you will be automatically victim to the thought manipulations of the current system. Especially those influences, that are promoting individualism and materialism are the main wrong-doers here.

Q. The very things which keep our society going.

A. Our "society" has be differentiated in two parts. One is the science/technology/ economics part while the other is the part we call community composed of people, their habitats and their activities and everything related to it. The problem nowadays is, that the former has become an alien body in society, pursuing its own goals e.g. through profits, progress, expansion and accumulation. Their greed is responsible for worldwide disintegration, homogenization (German: "Gleichschaltung"), fragmentation and vulgarization of the masses.

Q. That is quite a statement. Could you elaborate on it a little?

A. The market economy is a system focussed on profit and accumulation. In order to achieve this, they have to achieve growth. This growth is necessary to satisfy the shareholders and to invest in further expansion. This expansion in its turn is necessary to guarantee growth and profits. Thus, inherent to the system is that "new markets" have to be found all the time.

Q. Please, continue.

A. It is putting enormous pressure on every citizin. They deliberately and ruthlessly try to promote self-centeredness, egoism and greed. It is in their interest that people become addicted to having. In order to achieve this unprecedented brain-washing is dominating our lives. Moreover, to a family of five you only sell one car, sofa or fridge; to five singles you sell fivefold. It can't go wrong really.

Q. Which means?

A. That the current socio-economic system and spirituality are excluding each other. Materialism, accumulation, individualism and fragmentation are a "sin" against the Law of the Universe. The latter doesn't tolerate accumulation and fragmentation. While spirituality tries to restore the dignity of people, emphasizing the Divine Spark in every human being, promoting compassion and solidarity, the system on the other hand tries to break that down by reducing everybody to a "consumer", "client" or "object".

Q. Which you consider intolerable.

A. What about you?


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