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The Land of Death and Rebirth


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Green Man in Mexico

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Virgen de Guadalupe

My thesis is, that the Cosmic Mother is the foundation of Mexican (indigenous) culture. This is not supported by any scientific research. The latter appears to be a projection of its own paradigms. Having a patriarchal mindset, science only sees a male dominated society. Socially, this might be true. Spiritually, however, the picture is totally opposite

Shrine of the Virgin,
on the many scattered around the country

Teotihuacan Great Mother,
predecessor of the Goddess Tonantzin

(and of the Virgen de Guadalupe)

Ancient MotherGoddes with Son/God/King

One thing cannot be denied: Mexico considers itself "El Pais de la Madre". It relates to the Virgin de Guadalupe, a rather brilliant move, orchestrated by the Catholic Church, of having replaced the Old Mother (Tonantzin) by the Virgin Mary. Why the Mexicans accepted Her so easily? Right, because She was identified with the already existing prehispanic Original Cosmic Mother

Cosmic Mother
(Cora peoples)

Xibalba (Milky Way) Cosmic Womb "disguised" as Christian Cross

Death Mask

 The other entry into the Mexican Great Mother is through the phenomenon of "death and rebirth". Again, modern times are offering an easy connection to this prehistoric existence. It is the fiesta of the "Dias de los muertos" (Day of the Dead). Mexicans celebrate death as a pre-requisite to life, which is a very ancient wisdom, indeed. Moreover, the "Dias" are once again dedicated to an old Goddess: Mictecacihuatl, Lady of Death and Rebirth....

Death and Rebirth by Coaticutl Devouring Serpent Goddess

Birthgiving MotherGoddess

Destructive Aspect of the Mother

So, apparently, the Mother(Goddess), Death and Rebirth are closely connected. It is a fundamental insight. Amazingly, the ancient peoples of Mexico knew about the mystery beyond. Only a Cosmic Womb - the Emptiness beyond all of existence - can be the Source of Destruction and Renewal. They got this wisdom through studying both the stars and the laws of everyday life   

God/King's head in the Mouth of the Serpent (Cosmic Womb)


While countless books have written about "Death and Rebirth" in Mexico, no scholar has ever asked him/herself: in WHAT the King, God or Priest is dying? Usually, the answer is "the Underworld". But what is the Underworld but the Womb of the Cosmic/Earth Mother? So, Pakal f.i. is dying and reborn through the Mouth of the Mother, usually symbolized by the Mouth of a Serpent, Jaguar, Crocodile, Cave or Galactic Womb....Suddenly, you realize that in Maya culture f.i. the Mother is omni-present. She dominates the essence of life 

Teotihuacan Green Man

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