Apollo's Oracle Site
(never completed)

Lion at the entrance, symbol of male power



Didima was one of the main Oracle Temples of Apollo. That's why it is quite extraordinary, that Medusa and Her companions can be found here. The common explanation is that She functions as a guard to deter evil ghosts. Even if that is true - and indeed Gods from a previous era who were abandoned become protectors of the current ones, think of the guardians of Buddhist temples - then indirectly it is a confirmation of Her inherent power
What is exceptionally as well are the Lions surrounded with vegetation. Indeed, early forms of the Green Man. That they have a place in a temple of Apollo - the Light God - who left every "irrationality behind - is indicative of tenacious their existence throughout times. 

The Oracle Circle

The Oracle Vessel

The site of the Oracle, where the voice of the Mother was supposed to come to the surface

I stood in the center and waited for the Voice. It didn't come, but I had a strong feeling of being on the right track with my mission

Holy beast


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