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Major breakthroughs in physics did not come from arduous scientific work, but rather from sudden intuitive insights

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"Cosmic Regeneration"


Starting point

That morning I felt very light and transparent. I noticed that my bodily energy lifted, starting in my feet, leaving behind no feeling just legs i.e. a trunk of "glass". Ultimately, only a ring of consciousness was left on the crown of my skull. Suddenly and totally unexpected a Lightning1) - "coming out of the blue" - struck the ring and for a split second my entire existence was wiped out. Just Absolute Nothingness i.e. Darkness. Immediately after I was dissolved in limitless and timeless Eternal Light! A Reality a "thousand times" more Real than the common perception. This lasted the whole day. The same night I was drawn into a equally limitless Ocean of Horror. Everything, my thinking, my feelings, my body-mind and my energy had disappereared into it, with only my clear awareness left. For many hours I sat like a Zen monk as the only way to not completely disappear ("die") into the Angst. While my awareness became stronger, the horror slowly subsided. In the morning I knew this was the Underworld from which I just resurrected  

Physics 1)
The vacuum arc is a high current, low voltage electrical discharge between two electrodes situated in a vacuum ambient. The vacuum arc is distinguished from other electrical discharges in that the discharge itself creates the plasma medium which conducts its electrical current. Explaining how this self-organization wonder comes about is the objective of this book

Handbook of Vacuum Arc Science
ISBN 0815513755

The Ultimate

After the Lightning had struck me there was a sequence of events. First of all there was Absolute Nothingness2), immediately followed by Eternal Light. Conclusion: Light is born out of Darkness. Both "experiences" exceeded common existence by "a thousand times", hence  the inherent absolute knowing that was granted to me. That's why spiritual traditions don't call this an experience, but a "Realization". It subsequently gave me deep insight about the origin, the structure and the dynamics of the Cosmos. The big surprise: it corresponds in detail with the results of current scientific research. Especially, Vacuum physics, Zero point energy and Black Hole theories all confirm my "mystical insight"

Physics 2)
Once our minds accept the mutability of matter and the new idea of the vacuum, we can speculate on the origin of the biggest thing we know - the universe. Maybe the universe itself sprang into existence out of nothingness - a gigantic vacuum fluctuation which we know today as the big bang. Remarkably, the laws of modern physics allow for this possibility. (Pagels, 1982, 247)

Where did all the matter and radiation in the universe come from in the first place? Recent intriguing theoretical research by physicists such as Steven Weinberg of Harvard and Ya. B. Zel'dovich in Moscow suggest that the universe began as a perfect vacuum and that all the particles of the material world were created from the expansion of space...

Decisive is that the Vacuum is the context of a fluctuating mass (energy), that continuous emerges and disappears from and into that selfsame Vacuum (J.Wheeler)

Because there is such a law like gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing (S.Hawking "The Grand Design)

"Before my birth I had no problem with my non-existence, that's why after my death I won't have them either" (Mark Twain)

My Physics 2)
What Hawking doesn't say or know.....is that gravity is the centripetal ("death") Cosmic Force of the Vacuum, the latter also called the Cosmic Womb (2010 Han Marie Stiekema)

The Vacuum has two different Dimensions. First of all Her Light Body (the Divine, Consciousness) - the relative Vacuum (although in Western religion called "the Absolute".....) - in which energy ("matter") disappears and emerges and the Ultimate Bottomlessness (Absolute Vacuum i.e. Darkness), in which also the former disappears into and emerges from (2010 Han Marie Stiekema)

I'll do my best to describe it as clear as possible. Ultimately, there is the Cosmic Vacuum. This Vacuum includes all that exists. The latter is the content of the former. It thus goes far beyond any imagination. It is a Cosmic Abyss, in which everything continuously disappears, while at the same time being born out of it. This process is parthenogenic, which means that no other principle is involved. The Vacuum is giving birth through a "turning point" - where death changes into birth - in the Depth of its unfathomable Bottomlessness. Its major cosmic forces are centrifugal ("birth") and centripetal ("death")(experienced by me in the Great Horror). Both constitute a Cosmic Balance between creation, destruction and permanence, the former only allowing tiny (but important) fluctuations.

Excursion: Paleo-endocrinology
Is estrogen an evolutionary recent hormone? The opposite appears to be the case. Recently, Thornton could determine with the help of genetics that 450 million years the first and oldest steroid receptor was an estrogen receptor. This primordial mother receptor preceded the androgen receptor, which binds the male hormone, by 50 million years. That Eve originated from Adams' material is thus scientifically highly improbable. To the contrary, Eve's material proves to be (much) older than Adam`s (Prof.dr.J.C. Netelenbos)

There are several Realms coming out of this "Cosmic Womb". They can be best described as emanations. The first Body is the Eternal Light (the Divine, God, BuddhaNature). Its Essence is so subtle - transparent - that it is invisible. However, physics has managed to somehow confirm its existence3). Because "death and rebirth" of the Divine Dimension is taking place in timelessness....Divine Substance continuously disappears into the Womb, while "at the SAME time" "an equal amount" is being born..... giving us the impression..... of  God Unchanging, of the Absolute. However, not the Divine is Absolute, but the (Non)Reality Beyond - the Cosmic Vacuum - is. "God" proves to be the Son of His (Its) Mother..... uninterruptedly renewing "Himself" through Her Bottomlessness

Physics 3)
The sumtotal of all energy in the universe is zero. (Hawking, 1988, 129)

It is possible to settle the issue by a simple calculation. Astronomers can measure the masses of galaxies, their average separation, and their speeds of recession. Putting these numbers into a formula yields a quantity which some physicists have interpreted as the total energy of the universe. The answer does indeed come out to be zero within the observational accuracy. The reason for this distinctive result has long been a source of puzzlement to cosmologists. Some have suggested that there is a deep cosmic principle at work which requires the universe to have exactly zero energy. If that is so the cosmos can follow the path of least resistance, coming into existence without requiring any input of matter or energy at all. (Davies, 1983, 31-32)

Because it exists in a vacuum, ZPE (Zero Point Energy) is homogeneous (uniform) and isotropic (identical in all directions) as well as ubiquitous (exists everywhere). In addition, the intensity of the energy at any frequency is proportional to the cube of that frequency. Consequently, the intensity of the energy field increases without limit as the frequency increases resulting in an infinite energy density for the radiation spectrum. With the introduction of the ZPE into the classical electron theory, a vacuum at a temperature of absolute zero is no longer considered empty of all electromagnetic fields. Instead, the vacuum is now considered as filled with randomly fluctuating fields having the ZPE spectrum. (http://www.zpower.net/zpe.htm)

To a number of physicists (L. de Brogli, M.Planck, Heisenberg a.o.) the Vacuum is considered to be (to give birth to, HMS) Cosmic Intelligence - indeed as the Ultimate Consciousness


Crucial for the understanding of life and how it comes into being is the process of materialization. Physicists tell us the following:

At the base of all and everything is the Vacuum. The content of it is the "Skalar-field" or "Vacuum- potential". It is equal to the above-mentioned "Zero Point Energy", which is ubiquitous. Through import of energy ("spin") the field is producing "probability waves", which are still "virtual". Together they form "interference fields". The potentiality of these electromagnetic waves may fertilize existent matter. It depends on if the latter contain structures that can resonate. If so, the wave collapses in the process, while photons/quanten particles are formed. Virtuality has become reality! It is this way how power/energy is being transmitted all the way from the Origin to materialization (after Dr.U.Warnke)

How this all works in daily life can't be better illustrated but through my own experience. At a particular moment I got the "idea" of starting my work in Japan. (I have lived in Japan for one year). This desire caused a "spin" in the "Vacuum-field" through which "virtual electromagnetic waves" were created. The "spin" gave these waves a certain "direction". Since it came from existing desires (even connected to deep unfulfilled longing) these waves could easily resonate with this my emotional complex. So, they became reality, leading to concrete enthousiasm, ideas, plans and actions.

The night after I got a dream. I was part of a group. The last day there would be an excusion (Japan!). I met a woman whom I didn't know. Just nice, I didn't even knew her name. I invited her to go with me. Just before leaving I unexpectedly met Bernadette, a girl I was in love with when I was a young boy. She appeared to be blind. We immediately had a deep and enjoyable contact.  I explained the situation to the woman and said I felt sorry.  Bernadette subsequently joyfully showed her new dress to the woman, the latter genuinely admiring it. I had found Bernadette and had totally forgotten the day excusion.

The energy for the "spin" first came from my ego-desire. The latter alienated me from the Whole, reason for the "Mother" to send me a "corrective" dream. The first woman is my ego-choice (equal to go to Japan). It proved to be superficial. Going to the day excusion with her didn't have real meaning. That changed immediately after I met Bernadette. This energy of joy and love re-connected me with the whole of existence, subsequently changing the direction of the "spin". This time the waves originating from it didn't resonate with my unprocessed desires, but with the waves of my entire being. That's why "I forgot everything else". The lesson: the Vacuum doesn't tolerate individual impulses that disturb Cosmic Balance. That why "it sent Bernadette to me" ("spin" caused by the centrifugal Force of the Vacuum, from Eternity aiming at maintaining Wholeness). It made me aware of the value of listening to my deepest intuitions. The function of the Vacuum (Cosmic Mother) is thus to bring you "back home" i.e. to become part of Her Web of Life, once again.

Dreams come out of the "virtual world". Because they originate from a virtual-field, content of  the Origin, the Vacuum, (synonymus to C.G.Jung's "collective unconsciousness"), they are also more real. That's why we are able to remember them. The more real the greater the meaning they have to your life. Once understood, we may give our life a totally new direction. Once having received the desire to become whole, this inner force is changing the direction the previously self-centered "spin" i.e. electromagnetic waves. In their turn the latter now start resonating with the ubiquitous field of the Whole of Creation. Through this contact the Whole will reveal to you the specific gap you have to fill in, a space through which you have to realize your unique contribution to re-creating the world. It immediately brings you back to a recognition of "what to be or/and to do on this earth". This will subsequently materialize in reality. The MotherVacuum not only corrects but also guides! One hour after my dream She "whispered"  Her "instructions" for a next step into my innermost Core: to add "Cosmic Mother Cancer Healing"* (before never thought of) to my work.....

* See my booklet "Cosmic Mother Cancer Healing: A Breakthrough"

Black Holes

Through the selfsame centrifugal and centripetal cosmic forces the Light - God - "in its turn" is giving birth to the Material Body (emanation) of the Cosmic Womb. First as "morphogenetic fields"  (R.Sheldrake) or intertwined invisible quantum energy patterns (also called: "skalar field" or "vacuum potential"), consisting of highly intensive electromagnetic fields, subsequently manifesting themselves in the visible dynamic interaction of structures and events. Depending on the character of the fluctuations, universes, worlds, the earth, people, the emphasis is either on decay or bloom. Nowadays it is clearly a time of decay. Human accumulations have disturbed Cosmic Balance, therefore it responds with destruction!

It is still unknown, if there is only one universe or several. If the latter is true, then there will be several layers of them, all situated around one or more Black Holes. According to modern research Black Holes are the outcome of the death of a star. From here speculations start. But isn't the central question: why do stars die? Is it simply because their thermal potentiality exhausts? But why is it exhausting? Spiritual Insight about the Great Mother gives the answer. The answer is: because beyond our visible universe there exists a Cosmic Vacuum. It is this "Womb" - the unity of Darkness and Light (Consciousness) - that draws everything (matter) in, while at the same time shooting energy out. The Holes - as Her manifestations - are a Center of destruction and creation. It sheds a totally new light on what Black Holes really are4). Indeed, they are Gates to the Primordial Ground of Regeneration - the UrMutter - relentlessly renewing the universe

Physics 4)
Black Holes "preceded galaxies"

The evidence was unveiled at the 213th American Astronomical Society meeting in Long Beach, California. How incredibly exciting. What was previously known is, that there was a link between the masses of Black Holes and the central "bulges" of stars and gas in galaxies. The news is, that "scientists have been able to measure black-hole and bulge masses in several galaxies seen as they were in the first billion years after the Big Bang (Fabian Walter, Max-Planck Institute for Radioastronomy, Bonn, Germany). The conclusion: "The constant ratio may not hold in the early universe", therefore, "Black Holes started growing first". (Dr. Chr.Carilli, US National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Socorro, New Mexico). They are the "channels" along which the centrifugal and centripetal cosmic forces operate! It complies fully with my Threefold Realization (See Starting Point), having granted me insight into the Power of Nothingness uninterruptedly destroying and creating the universe*. I cannot get over it!!! Tears......

In the everyday world, energy is always unalterably fixed; the law of energy conservation is a cornerstone of classical physics. But in the quantum microworld, energy can appear and disappear out of nowhere in a spontaneous and unpredictable fashion. (Davies, 1983, 162)

The uncertainty principle implies that particles can come into existence for short periods of time even when there is not enough energy to create them. In effect, they are created from uncertainties in energy. One could say that they briefly "borrow" the energy required for their creation, and then, a short time later, they pay the "debt" back and disappear again. Since these particles do not have a permanent existence, they are called virtual particles. (Morris, 1990, 24)

Even though we can't see them, we know that these virtual particles are "really there" in empty space because they leave a detectable trace of their activities. One effect of virtual photons, for example, is to produce a tiny shift in the energy levels of atoms. They also cause an equally tiny change in the magnetic moment of electrons. These minute but significant alterations have been very accurately measured using spectroscopic techniques. (Davies, 1994, 32)

In modern physics, there is no such thing as "nothing." Even in a perfect vacuum, pairs of virtual particles are constantly being created and destroyed. The existence of these particles is no mathematical fiction. Though they cannot be directly observed, the effects they create are quite real. The assumption that they exist leads to predictions that have been confirmed by experiment to a high degree of accuracy. (Morris, 1990, 25)

Cosmic Regeneration

What has this to do with Cosmic Mother Healing? First of all the "Law of the Universe" - the dynamic balance between death, creation and permanence - can be observed in our daily life. Prominently in nature. The cosmic forces are manifesting themselves in the continuous change of the seasons, in which everything dies and is reborn. The female body is embedded in these cosmic cycles, which is visible through its monthly  menstruations. That they are connected with the moon cycle and the tides won't surprise you anymore, for - like many other biological cycles - the Chinese organ clock f.i. - are all expressions of the Womb's cosmic dynamics. The first lesson is to live in harmony with these forces. They guarantee optimal regeneration. Surprising findings come from natural medicine, i.e. the fact that 25% of our bodily cells are in a state of continuous renewal, 50% in a state of "permanence" and 25% in decay and dying. The wonder: the dying cells secrete a hormone ("necro-hormone") that stimulate the growth of new cells. Conclusion: no rebirth without death*. Especially fasting therapy takes advantage of this wonderful "gift of the Cosmic Womb"

* Hence, no similarities with Christian "born again", the latter is a shift in identification only, rather than an ego-death....

More specifically, "death and rebirth" - the Primordial Cosmic Power - can be applied to the field of spiritual healing, in our case "Mother Healing" or "Cosmic Regeneration". Let me describe the core practice of it. The pre-requisites are the following. First of all the mediator will introduce the Cosmic Mother to the client. He or she will tell the latter about Who She Is, Her Cosmic Powers, how the latter "operate" and the necessity of trust and surrender. The client is asked to visualize the All-Embracing Presence of the Womb, of which all are a part, including the mediator and his or her client. Through this they experience themselves as being in One Divine Space. Additional exercises i.e. suggestions may be given at this stage. The mediator - at least if he or she is an "initiated one" - will spontaneously "rest in the Spirit", which means he or she has shifted from his or her superficial ego to his or her True Self. It is crucial that this Real Self is percieved as Emptiness5) (Additionally, the mediator may whisper: "I am Nothingness")* and stays where it is i.e. doesn't get lost in feelings, energies etc.  If you do, then you are not a pure channel of Mother's Emptiness, which makes your whole healing "effort" a failure right from the start

* Nothing IS means: "Being Nothing, you are everything!"

Physics 5)
Electromagnetic fields determine the functions of our body. However, these forces don't exist "on their own". They constitute the content of space and only a little bit of it. We and all other living creatures consist mainly of a Vacuum (99%!). Therefore, it is the Vacuum that is the foundation of life and not matter. Matter provides resonance between the energies, everything in the context of "Emptiness", though. (after Dr. U.Warnke, 1997)

My Physics 5)
Through my Threefold Realization I know that we all live in the All-Including Cosmic Womb or Vacuum. I was thus delighted to find that this is supported by sound scientific theory. My skeptical nature asked for experimental confirmation, though. If we all live in Her SelfSame Space, then "healing on a distance" should be a realistic possibility. So I did the following experiment. One girlfriend of ours has a very big fibroma.

One evening and without her knowing!!! I slipped into Emptiness (a real experience!), subsequently visualizing that she is in the same ("my", our common) Space. Because the fibroma is so big I pleaded to the Mother very intensively, repeating the mantra "Please, Mother remove her fibroma", imagining that the latter was an ugly alien entity. The other day she called me, telling me a strange dream she had that night. "She saw an old ugly crumpled female dwarf in her belly, which frightened her a lot. Her sister heard her screaming and went to her mother (....) for help". But that is not all, after waking up, her otherwise hard and swollen belly had softened considerably and shrunk for at least thirty percent.

The mediator then stretches his or her arm to the clients' body. It may touch the head or the spot where the disorder is felt. Once the contact is established the mediator starts consciously feeling his breathing. The breathing-out is most important. You have to completely let go, in such a way, that it disappears into the nothingness of the pelvis. The secret: the deeper the breathing-out - which you may emphasize a little by holding your breath for a short moment - the more powerful your breathing-in is. It is a confirmation of how the Womb works! There - deep down in the "turning point" - the more thorough the old dies off, the more powerful the birth of the new! During the expiration the mediator whispers: "Trust the (Cosmic) Mother", while in the inspiration he/she says: "and you will be healed".* By doing so the breathing-out and -in make themselves simultaneously felt in the mediators arm, and through it in his touching hand. He/she then visualizes (and feels!) the touching area as a Black Hole.

What happens is that the healing becomes an exact reflection of the Cosmic Womb and Her Powers6). Your inner Emptiness is of the same "substance" as the Mother (Her Light Body). It contains the field in which "virtual waves" resonate with existing "matter" i.e. the illness. Through your conscious intention to heal, the "spin" of the protons/quanten is changed. Rather than further deterioration, a regeneration process is initiated. But that is not all. Your (the mediators') ("breathing!") arm "runs parallel" to the channel along which Mother's Cosmic Powers - destruction ("centripetal", breathing out) and creation ("centrifugal", breathing in) - run into Her universe and back, making the spot of the disorder similar to a Black Hole, a hotspot of "death and rebirth", of Cosmic Regeneration. Here the "alchemy" of healing - accelerating breakdown of the old, sick, while giving birth to the new and whole - is taking place, a very intensive transformative process, indeed! This is "proven" by the fact, that the hotspot on/in the clients' body is (often) becoming very hot!

* All kinds of other (spontaneous) utterings may be used, as well

My Physics 6)
Lisa Randall, a physicist from Harvard postulates "a fifth dimension", beyond space and time. Her observations may sound "revolutionary" in the ears of the uninitiated. However, if you only go within "a little", you will discover that Reality is much more spectacular. The entire universe is embedded in a Cosmic Vacuum or Womb. She is the Ultimate Emptiness that is giving birth to several emanations to start with Consciousness (the Divine, the Light), the latter containing "morphogenetic patterns" or  the "blueprints of matter". Both the Mother and Her Light Body incessantly permeate all "lower" dimensions e.g. matter, taking care of continuous "birth and death" i.e. regeneration. Her cosmic forces of creation* (centrifugal) and death* (centripetal) are maintaining the gravitational equilibrium, the "balance between the gravitational binding energy and the internal energy opposing gravity" (M.Begelman). Everything "added up" results not in five but in seven (or ten) dimensions (a.o. Womb, the Divine, blueprints (together called "skalar-field" or "vacuum-potential"), the four dimensions of space and time)......in which Essence and matter are intimately merged (2010 Han Marie Stiekema)

* Kinetic, creation or "birth matter" is centrifugal, vital energy renewing the universe, while "Dark matter" is centripetal, "death matter", i.e. on its way back to the Womb


Much of the research in physics I don't understand. It is partly because its language isn't familiar to me, the mathematical calculations are much too technical, while the details are much too specific. The more surprising is, that the underlying reality - the general concepts - I understand very well, I even knew it before I read about any research in physics. Spiritual Realization and physics seem to be complementary: different approaches to the same reality. So how can Cosmic Mother Healing be explained in physical terms?

The foundation of all life, and therefore of healing is the Vacuum or Cosmic Womb. Its Mystery is Her Bottomlessness. Absolute Emptiness or Nothingness goes beyond any imagination. It probably has been there "from Eternity". Absolute Emptiness is the Origin of energy. That means that somehow deep in Her unfathomable Abyss Nothingness turns into an acute gathering of Cosmic Power. This is the "birth" aspect of the Womb. Its direction is "centrifugal", that means that it moves toward "materialization" i.e. from the "Center" to the "periphery". Before that happens several stages are in between. First of all there is the "field" of timeless and limitless "probability waves", called "zero-point energy", "skalar-field, higgs-field or......the Divine. This field consists of non-materialized "spiritual" or "intelligent" electro-magnetic "virtual waves". It is also called "the Light". It is supernatural i.e. beyond the natural light and can therefore not be measured.

Miraculously, where physics needs to do much effort to approach the Origin form without, mystical, spiritual or God-experience effortlessly realizes it from within. Like in my Threefold Realization, where my entire Being was suddenly wiped out by a (supernatural) Lightning, only leaving Total Blackness behind. It is the situation, where humans are directly confronted with the Absolute Emptiness of the Cosmic Womb. This happens to only a few people. On the other hand, to dissolve into the Light occurs in many more men and women. It is a condition called "Enlightenment". With me it happened immediately after my Annihilation. First the Darkness, then the Light. Conclusion: Light is born out of Darkness. It confirms the Vacuum as being the primordial Ground of all life. It is the Ultimate Healing, meaning that deep within you ARE the limitless and timeless Light. On that level there is only Light, everything else: your ego, your body-awareness, your thinking, your energy, yes, even your surroundings: the grass, the trees, the flowers, the birds, the house, the people....everything has become One with the Eternal Light. In my case this lasted the whole day. But this wasn't all. The same night I was confronted with an Ocean of Horror.

Suddenly, within a split second this Horror was all around me. It took away my sense of self, my body-awareness, my energy, my thinking, feelings and emotions....I stood naked before the "Gate of Hell". Later it remembered me of Inanna, the MotherGoddess of Sumeria, who descended into the Underworld while being stripped of all Her "layers". I experienced exactly the same, proving that this Experience is a very Primordial One. For hours I suffered this Ordeal, relying on the only "thing" that was left: my clear-conscious awareness. Only by sitting like a Zen-monk - with my back meticulously straight - I could resist the Anguish. Any deviation from this position caused an acute danger of being engulfed. This lasted around 4-6 hours. The clearer, brighter and bigger my Mind became, the weaker the Fear. In the morning it subsided, leaving me behind in joy, realizing that this was the experience behind what is called "resurrection". Later it dawned to me what the real cause was. Enlightenment is the Creative Power of the Womb, while the Horror is Her Destructive Power. Existence Itself had granted me Insight into its secrets. Gratitude, gratitude! I was thus delighted to find "confirmation" in physics i.e. I could confirm them!

Right now we have gone through the Vacuum and Its/Her Creative i.e. Destructive Cosmic Powers, with the Eternal Light as the firstborn Plane of Existence. From here a Cycle is determining the process. Through the Womb's (Mother's) Centrifugal Force the Divine (Intelligent)  Virtual Field is "activated" in such way that electrons are coming into (material) reality, which transfers power to manifestation, which is the birth of the physical world. Or: resonance is taking place with already existing energy, through which the latter is transformed. This is how the world is (continuously) coming into existence. More specific is the interference of us humans. By focusing on something - anything - the electrons of this "anything" are streamlined according to the direction of our goal. This is called "spin". Again, virtual waves will turn into "real" electrons, which means that human interference indeed "co-creates" (on the subatomic level!) the world. Because the virtual waves constitute a limitless and timeless field, changes happen everywhere. That means, that when I concentrate on the healing of somebody thousands of miles away, my healing energy will reach that person not only without effort, but also immediate, since it happens in a timeless and limitless realm......

Creation goes from the "Center" to the "periphery". Its Force is Centrifugal. If it would be the only force, then creation would go on unlimited. Obviously, this isn't the case. By going to the periphery the Creational Force becomes weaker and weaker. Until it becomes exhausted. This coincides with another turning point (the first one is in the Bottomlessness of the Vacuum) in which Creation turns into Destruction. Matter comes under the spell of the Centripetal Force of the Womb. This Death Force has a name: it is called "Gravity". Existence is possible because of the dynamic equilibrium between the "Birth Force" and the "Death Force". The kind of matter that is returning to its Origin is "death matter" also called "dark matter". Gravity is independent of every "content"  - it has no electromagnetic waves -  yet it makes itself known through contact with matter. It is an indication that - like the Divine Light Virtual Field - it is a Primordial Force of the universe, thus directly related to the Womb HerSelf. The fluctuations between the two determine in whate state energy i.e. matter is. If the Birth Force is dominating, then matter (nature, us) is in a stage of growth, if they match, then we are in a state of "permanence" - adult life - while when the Death Force is stronger, then everything is in decay.

With other words: while the Creation Force of the Womb is giving birth to the new, young, fresh and whole, Her Death Force is breaking down the old, sick, ugly and evil. These two Forces are two sides of the same coin. No birth of the new without breakdown of the old. They are constituting Cosmic Balance. This is particular enlightening in a time that is suffering from the too much. Haven't we (in the West) accumulated too much wealth, property, profits, luxeries, and suffer therefore from too much stress, noise, pollution, fear, worries, loneliness, meaninglesness? Spiritually, one could say, our accumulations have derailed the Cosmic Balance. Therefore, the latter responds with emphasizing decay. This is reflected in the fact that many diseases are caused by a too much:  too much stress, too much egoism, too much eating, too many toxins,  too much radiation, too much fear, too many things on our heads...... Our body-mind becomes exhausted, with immune-deficiency on the one hand and self-poisening on the other. It leads to diseases like cancer. Instead of more, more...the emphasis should be laying on less, less. It is here, that the Destructive Force of the Mother comes into play. For healing cancer is synonymus with breaking it down. Thus, in those cases you may pray to the Mother: "please, break down my tumor", knowing that 50% of Her Cosmic Force is supporting you!*

* Usually, spiritual and religious systems of healing emphasize "light" only, while fighting the "forces of darkness". It probably dawns to you now, that this is based on ignorance, prejudice and.... fear.

In the previous the factors that work on an illness were elaborated. The mechanisms described have their effect on the sub-atomic - the quanten - level (only). That means, that their effect on the person as a whole is (very) unpredictable. Changes on quanten-levels don't necessarily manifest themselves on the physical level. However, miracles happen and continue to happen in many cases, so, there still must be factors involved which we haven't elaborated here. The key is: all factors in play have to be optimally geared to one another. First, the trust in the Womb (Cosmic Mother) and Her Forces should be unconditional. Surrender to Her accordingly. Secondly, the mind of the healer should be Empty, a prerequisite for the Mother to work through him or her. It is pouring out great compassion. While making contact with the client the healer should be very conscious - watching and feeling - of his or her arm and hand contact. This can be done through conscious breathing. While breathing out you tune in to Mother's Death Force, while during breathing in Her Birth Force is being felt. This guarantees an optimal healing transformation in the affected area, indeed, a reflection of the processes of a Black Hole. In case of a tumor and many other diseases, the diseased tissue is solid, toxic and full of accumulated waste. It therefore resists absorption of Mother Energy. It is here, that self-effort of the client comes in. In order to help the resonance he or she should work along the same line as the healer: surrender to the Mother, being Empty and with "feeling awareness" of the spot involved. Working on all levels simultaneously - Mother's Emptiness, Her Cosmic Powers, a passionate desire to  become healed, the feeling contact with the spot of the disorder - all  GREATLY improve the chance of being healed.


Physics 7)
The Vacuum is carrier of fluctuating "virtual" mass, that appears and disappears. For a short while enormous amounts of energy can emerge and again dissolve into Nothingness, without hurting the energy conservation law (U.Warnke)

From my Threefold Cosmic Realization I know that The Light (the Divine, Consciousness, Zero-point energy) is continuously disappering into the Vacuum, while at the SAME time being reborn.

Everything that is part of (human) awareness, will become reality (Heisenberg, Bohr). It is all about energy that resonates with virtual electro-magnetic waves in the Vacuum. Who thus can influence Vacuum energy, has infuence on matter i.e. can create reality (U.Warnke).

I can illustrate this with the following. For 15 years or more I suffered from pain in my left shoulder, probably originating from my neck. As a good doctor I tried things myself, to no avail. Thus I asked the Mother to cure it. In the evening with Darkness (Her Womb) all around me (and in and through me!) I pleaded strongly to Her, while feeling my shoulder, while visualizing that the underlying energy-pattern (the virtual form of the pain) should leave my body. And it did! I literally felt a kind of   "smoke" escaping from the spot. Ever since, I have not felt that pain anymore.

By being a reflection of the Cosmic Womb and Her regenerating powers, Mother Healing is unsurpassed. "Heaven" directly bestows its Grace upon you. The healing Source and Her channels pour themselves out to the client without any hindrance. No distractions in the form of religious "creeds", "dogma's" or "convictions" of any kind stand in the way. For the first time in history spirituality i.e. religion and science have fully reconciled. Who the Cosmic Womb is and how She heals has now become transparent. It can be understood through physics, cosmology and related sciences (That doesn't mean that the Cosmic Womb can be fully grasped. Ultimately, She is and will remain a Mystery). By connecting directly to Ultimate Reality the chance of being healed is incomparably higher (than other practices). Both people with a "mystical" inclination and those with a "rational" mind - and everybody in between - can equally find refuge. Isn't that a miracle? In short, the Mother is Universal to all those who are open and unbiased. This inner attitude is decisive, otherwise no any exchange of energy, grace or salvation can take place. However, in many cases She even heals without any "demands on Her part". For isn't motherly Love unconditional? Joy, gratitude!

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See my brochure: "Mother for Mothers"

When I am connected to the Vacuum by being Empty and my compassion passionately focusses itself on healing of a particular illness, then the client i.e. patient will (in principle) be healed...

My Physics 7)
By the way: atheists (like S. Hawking) believe....in Nothingness, Intelligence and the World. That's exactly what I also do.....We only use different words.....like "Nothingness is the Mother of All Things...." (2010 Han Marie Stiekema)

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Cosmic Regeneration & Reintegration

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