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Climate disaster

Violence, war, nuclear threat

Economic injustice

Oppression of women and children



O, poor people of the world

Not knowing yourselves

A lifelong search for the wrong things

More, more and more doesn't satisfy

To have is the inability to Be

How pityful to see (wo)mankind addicted

Causing destruction, violence, injustice and oppression

Now Emptiness is destroying your ego's

Confronting you with Nothingness

The latter, however, isn't the end

On the contrary, it is the "Cauldron of Regeneration" also called the "Cosmic Womb"

So, let your ego die in Her Bottomlessness and you will be reborn

Light is born out of Darkness!

"Only a New (Wo)Man can create
a New World"
Green Man

"Are you a New Man?"
Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

In these most critical of times in which the old world is rapidly degenerating, in which religions in East and West are increasingly corrupted by ignorance, manipulation, deceit and greed for power

Add to it a global socio-economic system going crazy and it explains why we suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, burn-out, alienation, meaninglessness and loneliness....

Mankind's deepest longing, therefore, is to return to the Origin in order to be renewed, creating new leadership that is based on Truth, wholeness, selflessness, love, commitment, beauty, justice and harmony with nature  

It is nothing less but a Transformation of both religion and the world, thus initiating a new step in human evolution

That's why, in these most hopeful of times the Cosmic Mother has revealed Herself through the unique Threefold Realization

The resulting Universal Teaching was subsequently received and written down by Her Son/Lover, Han Marie Stiekema

It is dedicated to all "living and non-living" beings in particular also to all Originals e.g.
- Green Men & Wise Women - worldwide

Can we still be saved?
for the 21st Century


Obviously, the critical times that we live in, raises the necessity of joining forces to the benefit of the Whole. It is common to say, that there are many factors coming together. F.i. climate change, water shortage, pollution, disappearence of bio-diversity, violence and war, hunger and poverty, mass-migration, increasing electronic control, child abuse etc.etc. However useful, too many "causes" can also divert us from the key causes, paralyzing rather than empowering us. Could there be a common denominator to all these disasters? If so, then addiction to the self, greed for power and money could be quite close to the truth. "To have as the inability (unwillingness) to Be". Materialism and spirituality as two mutually excluding forces. 

See also: "The Ego-catastrophy"

It is like 1500 years ago, where the decadent Roman Empire collapsed. It was followed by centuries of chaos. Our times are very similar. With the exception that the current Empire still tries to dominate the entire earth. Together, science, technology and big business (STC-complex, prof. E.Vermeersch), try to get the whole of humankind in their grip. Society is purposely being broken down. All levels suffer from it: from individual well-being, relationships and the community to health care, the educational system, environmental protection etc. The destruction goes at an unimaginable pace. What can be done? What is the optimal response in "such a case?" Can we learn from the past? In the Dark Ages a heroic attempt was made to save the (classical and christian) culture. Pachomius, Basileus, Columbine, Augustine, Benedict and Bernard found the answer: in founding monastic communities*.

* Remember, that the success of Buddhism is largely related to a monastic rule, as well.

At a time in which "evil forces" deliberately try to destroy the integrity of human soul, it becomes almost impossible to survive as an individual. We HAVE to join forces. And not just that. We have to re-connect to the Source as well. Not to a mega-computer, but to the living Vessel of Regeneration. To not only sharing our daily lives, but also our joint longing for renewal. Hence, in these most critical of times, once again, new style healing communities are THE answer to the decay of society. They are a refuge to those who are willing to "die to the old", practicing a monastic rule based on meditation, personal integration, study, devotion and compassion. Seeing how addiction, greed and affluence is corrupting life, they voluntarily embrace a life of simplicity, sharing, common values or/and even hardship (hardship will come anyway....), aiming at serving the Whole.       

In the coming years/decades the ruling elites will exploit the raising fear. Under the pretext of offering "security" they will try to extend their control to every human being. Electronic technology (internet, chips, biometrics etc.) are the instruments with which Big Brother tries to dominate the entire globe. True security has its roots somewhere else, though. Its foundation is to re-connect with one's True Self, while becoming part of the Whole, once again, in which mankind restores its harmony with "Heaven, earth and the (new) community. Trust, love, cooperation and solidarity is where it is all about. "Healing Communities" are taking the lead here. "Transformatoria" are training centres for Green Men and Wise Women. The latter encouraging the people of the world to Heal the Planet, to start with themselves. It is still not too late!

The old system is breaking down. Long live the birth of a New Civilization! It is a Law that a system based on unlimited material growth cannot survive. So, why still investing your energy in the mega-machine, one that is only causing more stress, fatigue, meaninglessness, sickness, frustration, loneliness, eventually leading to a collective burn-out e.g. suicide? What we on the other hand need are hopefuls, the best among the best who commit themselves to "Healing the Planet". They have to excel in experience of life, preferably including sufferings and setbacks, disappointment with materialism, strong motivation to give the best of themselves, longing for renewal, willingness to give up the ego and wanting to become part of the Whole, once again.

You may compare it with the existing "elite"-universities. These institutes' effort is to deliver "top"-people - managers, CEO's, directors, bankers, economists, technocrats - all idolators of the barbaric religion of ego, materialism and growth - who's "mission" it is to further destroy the earth and its inhabitants. While the "alternative" world is still hopelessly divided. No existing university has developed a consistent e.g. integrated hardware for educating hopefuls. Those who's aim it is to save the earth. It is exactly what we do, though, through offering a Training in Eco-Spirituality, aiming at "Healing the Planet in 10 steps". Our "elite" are called "Originals", "Green Men & Wise Women" and "Reborn". The earth needs those who are fed up with e.g. quit the old system, wanting to commit themselves to A New Start, covering the whole spectrum of expertise: (holistic) doctors, housewives, journalists, teachers, local politicians, alternative bankers, unemployed, lawyers, artists, mothers, seniors, youth, career women, organic farmers, scientists, fair traders, technicians, architects.......all those who realize that one has to go back to the Origin first in order to become renewed. Who subsequently want to become part of the Whole, once again, dedicating their talents and skills to creating A New World


Han Marie Stiekema has taken the lead. He lives what he is preaching, leading a very basic life, everything contributing to a life of worship to the Cosmic Mother. It consists of going back to the Origin with continuous renewal and regeneration. His uninterrupted mantra is "The Mother Heals" alternated with intense "Praying for the World". For him it is THE way to stay as closest as possible to the Source of All Life. Being the "Guardian of the Ultimate Mystery" is his Core Mission, for everything else depends on the ongoing transmission of Mother's Inspiration and Wisdom to as many people as possible. His approach is simple: come and live with him for a while. It is the best way to receive guidance and inspiration. He therefore shares the day with you with contemplation, teaching, healing, exercise and Q&A... The main purpose is to support e.g. guide you in finding your Way back to the Origin in order to become Renewed. After a while you may decide about your personal commitment. The ultimate goal is to become a Reborn, an Eco-Spiritual Teacher of the Original Tradition. Your Training will include several steps e.g. along the line of becoming an "Original", a member of one of the "Healing Communities", a Training as "Green Man or Wise Woman", eventually becoming a member of the "Reborn Order"*. You may also stop "halfway" dedicating yourself to "Healing the Planet" according to the level of your Teaching.

* For details see next page: "Reborn "Recruitment" and Career"

These first steps are still pretty much free of obligation. In order to make it easier for you to join (the coming time will have economic hardships, so that not everybody can afford a long trip to another continent) Han Marie Stiekema will have a flexible schedule. It means e.g. that every year he will move his Hermitage to several places. He prefers to go there where he is asked! If not, then he chooses a location himself. His preferences at the moment: three months in 1) Europe 2) The America's 3) South-East Asia. Obviously, his stay will be announced on this page. The Hermitage (Ashram) combines commitment with lightness of life e.g. there is plenty of time to go into nature, to socialize, to celebrate. The Teacher's own Lightness of Being guarantees this. Not for nothing one of his titles is "Laughing Buddha!" Very often (and more in the course of time) he will be accompanied by his wife MeiMei. She comes from China and is a very gentle person. She IS her True Nature! Not surprising thus, that many people in Holland adore her. As teacher and therapist in Chinese Guasha Therapy ("Stone Age Therapy for Modern (Wo)Man") ( she is taking care of our Health Section. In the Hermitage she is giving health consultations, distributing our Personal Health Plan in 10 Steps (for free) (based on Flow System Therapy: see:, while offering a self-help day course in personal regeneration. The last quarter of every year is committed to the Training of "Green Men & Wise Women"*. There MeiMei will train you as a Basic Health Consultant.

See: "Transformatorium"

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7 Principles of Eco-Spirituality

To have is the inability to Be. Addiction i.e. greed is an overcompensation for the lack of happiness. That makes the "environmental crisis" essentially a spiritual problem. Once Being replaces having, addiction to having disappears

Inner is outer. What we see in the outer world - mega-cities, industrial destruction, polluted rivers - reflects our blown up ego's. Once inner balance is restored, the excesses in the outer world will be stopped

People are only prepared to give something up, if they get something better in return. Only spiritual values - inner clarity, depth, joy of life, love, wholeness, wisdom, contentment, respect, community - can achieve this

The ego will never be able to solve problems, that itself has caused (A.Einstein). In order to tackle the problem we need a new consciousness and a passionate commitment. Hence, a New World can only be created by New (Wo)Men 

We are part of the Whole. Loss of contact with reality - especially the damage caused by the "virtual world" (look at our children)* - is a disaster. Spirituality teaches the sacredness of the earth in which all creatures are connected, including ourselves

* PLAY AGAIN is an impressive film of children who - for the first time in their life -
discover nature

In a time where all values are eroded we first have to go back to the Origin in order to become renewed (A. Toynbee). Once our True Self has been born we become part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again

The Origin appears to be a Vacuum or Cosmic Womb. Through "Her" Cosmic Forces of destruction (of the old) and creation (of the new) we can achieve the impossible: Healing Yourself, Healing Each Other and Healing the Planet 

Green Man's World Mission
He will be delighted to come and empower you, your
organization and your community with the principles of eco-spirituality. Allow yourself to become inspired!

Pamphlet sent to environmental
organizations worldwide

Spiritual Service * Health Service * Community Service
* Earth Service

See: "Transformatorium"


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Back to the Origin in order to be reborn, while subsequently becoming part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again

Teachers who are part of an existing tradition don't need to re-invent the wheel for themselves. I, on the other hand, have initiated A New Tradition. That explains why this website is rather elaborate. I apologize for that. On the other hand, if you would take the effort to seriously involve yourself an entire new world will be opening itself to you!

"News that will change the world"

Dutch medical doctor alleges that God as we know Him is NOT the Ultimate Reality. There is "something" beyond God, he says, calling "it" a Vacuum, Cosmic Womb or "Great Mother". So, according to him "Not God created the world out of nothingness, but Nothingness is giving birth to both God and the universe, the latter continuously returning to their Origin". Moreover, he claims that the "Mother" has revealed Herself to him - unexpected, without any doing on his part - not as an image, idea, intuition, voice or vision, but as Her Selfsame Reality. (See: "Threefold Realization"). She apparently has done so, because of the critical situation mankind has manoeuvered itself in. "Her aim" is to save us from disaster, while guiding us into a new phase of evolution. She does so by inviting us to continuously die (to the old), while becoming part of the Whole, once again. The world should start reflecting Cosmic Balance on all levels of existence, and overcome greed, addiction and accumulation. To achieve this he is restoring the world's most ancient tradition - The Original Tradition, embracing all existing religions, emphasizing the "Maternal Dimension of God" as the unity in diversity - while committing himself to Healing the Planet. He is calling everybody to become a "Green Man" and a "Wise Woman".



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