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Black Madonna's

Black Madonna's

Black Madonna of Einsiedeln


How the Mother
Healing the Planet

Cosmic Womb Mandala
Both the Divine (white, yellow) as well as
the universe (green) are born from the
Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously
returning to their Origin

Cosmic Mother

O, Cosmic Mother
"Cause" of Cosmic Balance
Continuously destroying the old, while giving
birth to the New

Protectress of the Web of Life
I plea to You
May Your Maternal Love destroy my ego,
while giving birth to my True Self

Restoring my Inner Balance
Whereupon I will become part of the Whole, once again

I beg You
Do destroy all ego-accumulations in
the outside world, as well
Breaking down all evil, while restoring the good

Please, end aeons of oppression, exploitation, violence,
injustice and destruction
Liberate (wo)mankind from poverty and sickness

Protect the earth, the animals, the plants, the rivers
and the oceans
Restoring the Wholeness of Life

Jay Mata Di!

Her Manifestations on Earth
The Black Madonna's

Since times immemorial
Images have made of the Cosmic Mother
From pre-historic "Venusses" to famous Goddesses
Isis, Kybele, Kali!, Artemis, Astarte.... 

In the West the Black Madonna's
Appeared to countryfolk e.g. shepherds
Refusing enthronement in churches
Emphasizing Her pre-Christian Origin

Mother's Compassion made HerSelf
Descend to the people as Black Madonna
Adopting a personal Face
Thus making it easier to approach Her

From the very beginning people flocked to
The Depth of Her Darkness
The Source of Renewal and Regeneration
Being irresistable

"Simple" people know what learned
Men don't know
That everything returns to Emptiness
And comes out of IT

The Black Madonna's "embody" this
They represent the Ultimate Mystery
Surrender to Her
And She will take your burden from you 

Her "Two Big Hands" symbolizing
Her Command over Birth and Death
The Deity on Her Lap being
Her dying and resurrecting Son/Lover

Thus, long for Darkness
She is your Ultimate Redeemer
Doesn't She grant you comfort already
Isn't sleep a small death, after all?

Isn't it amazing
That every evening you surrender
To the Unknown without fear?
Getting up in the morning totally refreshed?

So, express your gratitude to
The Black Madonna
Praising Her while chanting
"In You Mother I Trust"

In your Bottomless Darkness I die
Through You I will have my rebirth
I vow to serve the Whole
Healing myself, each other and the planet


Her Light Body
The Divine

"I am a jealous God
Apart from Me there is no other
You all must worship Me alone
All others will be destroyed"

"I am the Only One"
God boasted
Whereupon the Mother shouted:
"That's a lie JHWH"

The Buddha is the Fully Enlightened One
He has overcome the cycle of birth and death
There is no one like Him
His teachings are unsurpassible

God and His "chosen people"
A people with a "special mission"
The "rest" are unbelievers, pagans and heretics
They are all lost, while we are saved

We are all born in "Original Sin"
The earth is a vale of tears
Only Jesus can save us
The Church is representing Christ on earth

Life is a struggle between Light and Darkness
They are eternal arch-enemies
It is God against the Devil
In the End Christ will prevail


Joy, gratitude!
The Mother has finally revealed Herself
2000 years of delusions have come to an end
In Her we take refuge

O, Ultimate Truth
Help us overcome the ignorance of the world
Isn't the patriarchal
"God" the denial of the Mother?

In Reality Light is born out of Darkness, though
"God" is the Son, not the "Father"
Mother and Son are the Primordial Ancestors

The universe is the Glory of the Mother
Through Her Light Body everything radiates
Deep within we are Divine
Shining Beacons to all and everything

May thus Her Darkness granting us Light
So help us the Cosmic Mother

Her Hero's
Green Men
Embodying Cosmic Death and Rebirth

Our heritage lies in the Origin
Every man is born from a mother
Both Light and the entire universe are born
Out of the Cosmic Womb

In ancient times we men were still part of the Feminine
It was our natural state
We had no separate life of our own
Everything was embedded in a "magical" Wholeness

This Wholeness was ruled by the
Cycle of Birth and Death
Men were part of it
E.g. as "dying and resurrecting" Gods

Sacrificing ourselves for the sake of the Whole
Is therefore deeply engrained in us
Until Mother's Unity began to wane
Gilgamesh refused to serve the Goddess, anymore

We started our quest for immortality
Trying to escape from the Cycle of Birth and Death
In the end the Mother was slain
And patriarchy (Marduk) triumphed

Supported by the discovery of our role in procreation
The increasing necessity of protecting wealth
The discovery of "the word" and making laws
We men became the "lords of creation"

Without Eternal Return
We became afraid of Darkness and Death, though
The war between Light and Darkness was ignited
We started to control everything

Patriarchy is the war against our own Origin
Dominating and oppressing female sexuality
Violence and hunger
Were (are) the "order" of the day

We didn't derive power from the Mother anymore
Instead we started to rely on ourselves
We became permanent warlords
Especially after state and church power fused

What we had denied dominated us secretly, though
The power of Darkness and the Feminine
We started calling it our shadow
Being strong without and fearful within

The Vatican e,g. is crowded
With fearful men
Everywhere sex, sin and the devil constantly lie in wait
These "godmen" created a hell instead of heaven

And that until today
Is there any way out?

A miracle happened: the hero has returned
In Europe you can find them e.g. as Green Men
They are everywhere: in and on churches, on city halls
In the streets

Symbol of the "dying and resurrecting" Gods
They survived millennia of oppression
Hopefuls in a time where
The future of the Earth is at stake

His traditional symbolism is more valid than ever
Protector of the Cycle of Birth and Death
Of femininity, fertility and prosperity
He is Immanence Divine

So, yes, we are incredibly proud to have survived
It is giving our manhood back
Being servants of the Whole, once again
After a long period of intensive learning

Men's path toward maturity has caused much suffering
For 2000 years we have terrorized the world
However, in the mean time men have grown
Taking the Green Man as our teacher

The new definition of our commitment is
To voluntarily die into the Dark Cosmic Womb
In order to get rid of the tyranny of our ego's
Thus overcoming our existential fear

Moreover, we made a vow
To Restore the Unity with our bodies and nature
Our emotions, our shadow, mind and Spirit
Leading to peace, justice and harmony with nature

Everything in the Name of
The Cosmic Mother"

Her Heroines
Wise Women
Embodying the Cosmic Web of Life

We Wise Women, Daughters of the Mother
Claiming our Divinity through the Goddess within
We want nothing less than a new society
For 2000 years the existing one has been a disaster to us

We claim to be the substance of life
Without us nothing works
We are the center of procreation, relationship, family
And the community as a whole

Our own sisters - unfortunately - have forgotten this
They run after the benefits
Of a patriarchal, expoitative society
Their ego's are blown up just like men's

So, let's start with the most crucial issue: sisterhood
Without solidarity nothing ever will be achieved
Mothers are central in this regard
For they have a common interest

We want to extend our traditional role to society
Making the Community the center of the universe
All sovereignty should be exercised by it

This is called subsidiairity
A principle accepted by the EU
It should be applied to families, streets, neighborhoods,
communes, provinces (counties) and states, though

It says that everything the family can do is done by them
What cannot be done
Is delegated to the street (community)
Everything the street can do is done by them

What cannot be done is delegated to the neighborhood
Everything the neighborhood can do......and so on
Eventually including the highest echelon
It is a bottom up process

In this process we women are the leaders
Traditionally being tribe mothers, healers and weavers
We have all the modern qualifications
for doing the job

What we DON'T want anymore is
To be part of the rat race
It destroys body and souls, relationships
As well as children, and eventually the whole earth

Feminine emancipation isn't about competing with men
On the contrary
Together with men we want a society based on respect,

Equality, love, justice, peace and harmony with nature

The Mother is behind us
"As long as we continue to burn incense to
The Queen of Heaven, everything will be well"

(Jeremiah 44, 17)

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