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Teachers who are part of an existing tradition don't need to re-invent the wheel for themselves. I, on the other hand, have initiated A New Tradition. That explains why this website is rather elaborate. I apologize for that. On the other hand, if you would take the effort to seriously involve yourself an entire new world will be opening itself to you!

Altar of the Celtic-Roman Goddess Veradecdis ("Goddess of Truth") right in front of our hermitage!

"News that will change the world"

Dutch medical doctor alleges that God as we know Him is NOT the Ultimate Reality. There is "something" beyond God, he says, calling "it" a Vacuum, Cosmic Womb or "Great Mother". So, according to him "Not God created the world out of nothingness, but Nothingness is giving birth to both God and the universe, the latter continuously returning to their Origin". Moreover, he claims that the "Mother" has revealed Herself to him - unexpected, without any doing on his part - not as an image, idea, intuition, voice or vision, but as Her Selfsame Reality. (See: "Threefold Realization"). She apparently has done so, because of the critical situation mankind has manoeuvered itself in. "Her aim" is to save us from disaster, while guiding us into a new phase of evolution. She does so by inviting us to continuously die (to the old), while becoming part of the Whole, once again. The world should start reflecting Cosmic Balance on all levels of existence, and overcome greed, addiction and accumulation. To achieve this he is restoring the world's most ancient tradition - The Original Tradition, embracing all existing religions, emphasizing the "Maternal Dimension of God" as the unity in diversity - while committing himself to Healing the Planet. He is calling everybody to become a "Green Man" and a "Wise Woman".