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Starting 2006


On the physical level we are offering the Personal Health Plan, a two months program, consisting of 10 steps with the aim of optimizing health. It is based on "Flow System Therapy", a breakthrough in medical thinking and practice, containing more than 200 natural (self help) therapies. The Plan starts with nutritional advice, followed by pro-biotic therapy (restoring the intestinal flora), fitness and sweating, supplements, detoxification and de-acidification, liver flush acc. to Dr.R.Stone, stimulation of the immune system through guasha, anti-oxidants, bowel cleansing and a drinking cure. The power of the approach lies in the combination of therapies. Hence, in order to be succesful you should do them all simultaneously. Note: This (internet self help) plan is a health promoting plan. It is not meant as a replacement for medical treatment. The liability is entirely yours. Among the environmental factors the impact of toxins (from within and without), geopathological factors and electrosmog are of utmost importance.

For spiritual oriented people burn-out is the "Umwertung aller Werte". What happens after all, if all your shells: your ambitions, desires and emotions one by one is being burnt down? Exactly, in that case you come to the Essence. Burn-out appears to be a chance to come closer to your true Self. It leads to the insight, that thus far you lived by your ego and simply having one's last shot left. Because you were stubbornly pursuing your (narrow-minded) goals, life taught you a hard lesson. Learning the hard way - realizing that you have gone too far - you are now thrown back upon yourself, in such a way that you suddenly realize that you have come Home. Only the periphery can be burnt down. When everything is in ashes, the innermost Core remains: your shining Pearl. The burn-out appears to be the turning point in your life. Instead of complaining, you are grateful to the Cosmos for its wisdom. You have learned your lesson.

See: "Stress, burn- out and regeneration".


You may subsequently decide to go through a process of initiation by subscribing to The Integral Way. This Retreat, usually consisting of 10-28 days, includes 7 steps. These steps are the outcome of the Sermes' 25 years of experience on the Spiritual Path. Looking more closely, you may see, that this selection of steps is integrating most mystical/spiritual traditions. This also means, that we do respect your existing belief without any reservation. The training itself consists of Awakening, Personal Integration, Being Rooted in Heaven & Earth, Breakthrough of the Light, Purification, Taking Refuge in the Mother and The Great Learning (Extending your Compassion)*. At this stage everything is still totally free of engagement. If you decide not to go on with the training, we won't be sad or try to change your opinion whatsoever. This training is particularly suitable to (university), students of spirituality, comparative religion and theology and those who consider themselves to be on the spiritual Path. It gives them an opportunity to extend and deeepen their experience. The aim is to become a "living master". Also "pilgrims for life" and people with stress, depression and burn-out, those who had to painfully experience the consequences of a life based on ignorance, self-addiction and worldly ambitions, are very much welcome. Thus, follow the invitation of the Great Mother: "Come all ye unto Me".

* See The Integral Way.

Metanoia means "inner transformation", to awaken to a new life. It is the transition of "clinging to the old" to being reborn. In order to completing the process you have started in the Retreat, we have built in a "test". Through the test you have the opportunity to become "absolutely" clear about your intentions, motivations and capabilities. The kind of Metanoia you will be (voluntarily) subjected to, is personal, depending on your specific situation. It may include three days and nights staying alone somewhere in nature, while fasting, etc.etc.. In the Metanoia you leave your life of self-addiction behind you. After having come through, you may decide to join the next step.

Spiritual Service-Health Service-Community Service

In this stage our motto is: "Serving those who want to serve others". It means, that we expect you to have the sincere longing of putting the last part of the Mother's Message - serving others - into practice. If this is the case, then we invite you to commit yourself to The Great Learning, a leadership training program of the Culture Renewal Movement, aiming at Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service. Through the training you will be able to guide people in Home Meetings*, the Personal Health Plan* and Community Development, the latter based on the Vision Quest*. After at least having worked "in the field" for one year - working  - you will have the opportunity of specializing yourself in either direction. PS. Every summer we organize two charity projects: PilgrimCare (along the Camino de Compostela, Spain) and free pain treatments through Chinese Guasha Therapy.



The definitive commitment comes with the universal Vow, in which you pledge to "restore the unity with your Self, your body and nature, your small self and other human beings, while surrendering to the Ultimate".


The Reborn Order is for those, who would like to further intensify their commitment of surrendering to the Great Mother, while at the same time increase their effort of "saving the world". They do this through cultivating their "virtues", inspired by a "feminine" world view (integration, respect, commitment, inclusiveness, compassion, self-sacrifice etc.). To overcome the (inner) enemies of self-addiction, materialism and individualism is an additional priority.


The aim of all this is a Transformation of Self and Society. Key issues are A New Spirituality, with the Great Mother as the Ultimate Reality, embracing all spiritual traditions, while restoring the Unity with Heaven, earth and the (new) community; A New Health Care, based on medical system theory and practice ("flow system therapy"), in which self and mutual help play a major role and A New Community, based on the principles of local and regional integration, with emphasis on the role of women, together with sustainability: socially, economically and ecologically.


See: Vision Quest


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