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Tutup Ngisor
(Mystic Village)

Entry to the Spiritual Center


Kala as the Main Deity


A dear friend brought me to Tutup Ngisor. Its people living entirely according to the ancient Javanse beliefs. Cultivating the soul ("kebatinan") is the core of their life. They do that through practising the arts


A real Buddha has no face....

The burial place of the founder of the community. Two Makara's - guardian dragons - above the entrance

Entry to the "chapel"

The Ultimate Deity - it didn't surprise me - is....Kala

Hidden behind the the white cutains

tut-723.jpg (17598 bytes)

The community tries to live from the land

Many combine artistic work with labour in the gardens

Red chili's for the sambal industry

Impression of the devastation of the eruption of M.Merapi (2008)

The village escaped destruction by a narrow few hundreds meters

tut-739.jpg (21261 bytes)

The villagers living a minimum existence

The current leader showed me his treasure: a LINK Gunungan

Later he gave me one as sign of his friendship....

On his home altar also the Queen of the South Sees: Roto Kidul. LINK The Yogya Kraton Myth


Part of the activities of the center is to teach children classical Javanese dance. To me it was a surprise to see Muslim children also attending the class. Apparently without any problem at all. I think everybody here feels to be Javanese in the first place. The religion - however important - comes next and not the other way round

Teacher and pupils

The Holy Gunung (Mount) Merapi

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The teacher of art in Tutup Ngisor is Sitras Anjilin. He succeeded his father Yoso Suidarma who was the founder. The art Sitras teaches includes wayang orang (dance-drama based on adapted Hindu epics), gamelan music, jathilan (bamboo horse dance) and nembang (poetry singing). The special thing is that the whole village participates. E.g. every thursday they play gamelan  considering this an offering to nature and ancestors. "Being engaged in art is as oredinary as farming, repairing damaged village paths, cooking or taking a bath". Sitras also pioneered teaching traditional arts to children in his community. In 2010 he staged short shows in seven primary schools in Brighton, Britain. He is interested to extend his teachings in Europe.

2008, The Jakarta Post

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