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The Yogya Kraton Myth
(Kala, Her God/King and the Goddess)

Upon entering the Kraton: A Huge Kala


This very ancient notion is being ridiculized by many modern authors. They are afraid that their holy cow - extreem individualism and thus non-commitment for the Whole - gets spoiled. Indeed, there is enough reason - mainly provided by Christian and Islamic fundamentalists, who see in everything "God's hand" - abusing "His" "providence" for their own purposes, to make this spiritual concept extremely suspicious.

A pavillon near another entry

Decorated with the symbols of the Sultan's reign: Kala, Her active male energies (Dragons) and the Symbol of the House of Hamenkubuwono (on top)


Also called Makara's

But what about the core-experience of Mysticism of all times, namely that all human beings are "created in God's image?" Hundred's of thousands of  people bear witness of the fact that they have experienced/realized their Divine Nature. Reading their writing one cannot deny their overwhelming authenticity. The Experience of one person - Buddha - gave rise to a world religion.



The Gamelan orchester

In the same way, insight in the Ultimate Reality - that of the Cosmic Mother ("The Great Black One") - gives a clue about the relationship between the Cosmos and life on earth. In Her Womb everything continuoiusly dies and is reborn, a fact that can be observed on all levels of earthly existence. Transferred to our spiritual life it means that optimal inner life is (or should be) characterized by ongoing "dying to the old" e.g. ego in order to become renewed as a True Self....

Ever since the Revelation of the Cosmic Mother (1977) I am particularly interested in comparable experiences in other cultures. Even if the outside may look "exotic". Because always there appears to be a deeper truth beyond the narratives. One of them is the Yogya Kraton Myth. The surprise (like so many other things on Java) is that it represents parts of a very old wisdom. A knowledge from before the conversion to Islam. The fact that one of the purposes is the justification of the rule of the Yogya Royal House, it still has some value in itself.

On top of the Wayang play group: Once again the Kala

The Myth itself is quickly told. There is a direct relationship between Mt. Merapi, the Royal Palace (Kraton) in Yogya and Nyai Roro Kidul, the Queen of the South Sees. This direct connection mirrors the Cosmos, Cosmic events make themselves known in shifts of balance between these three "players". The intriguing thing: Mt. Merapi stands for Kala, the Great Mother of ancient times, the God/King is Her Son, embodied by the Sultan, while the Queen of the South Sees is his supranatural consort. Mount Merapi is the Origin, like the Cosmic Womb the Source of Death and Rebirth, very real present in its awe-inspiring inner fire. Every change in behavior of the volcano means a shift in "creation and destruction". A shift towards the latter could announce the end of a ruler or a certain political system. This still dominates the minds of the Javanese until this very day  

Proof of the meditative character of the Kraton

The Museum of Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX




It will be clear: a very deep Cosmic Truth - the dynamic balance between "death and renewal" - to be observed in the universe is projected into Mt. Merapi. Mt. Merapi makes this this Cosmic Balance visible. The former reminds people, that this universal Law is ruling all and everything. This is not the outcome of ignorance or"farmers belief", but is confirmed by modern science. Everything is interconnected. Changes on one level have consequences on all others. Both Cosmology, Vacuum physics and Quantum-mechanics confirm this. Thus there is a shortcut between ancient belief and science. Reason to go deeper into the Myth.

The text

The center of the Kraton consists of open buildings, here decorated....with a beautiful Kala


The Original Myth - coming down from the times of Sumeria (10.000 BCE) - is as follows. The God/King as Mother's Son* is in direct contact with his (the) Origin. He continuously receives Her messages. Of his right understanding he and his entire Kingdom are depending. If he should understand his inspirations wrongly, could his have fatal consequences. Therefore, the first requirement for the Ruler is his ego-less state of mind, heart and will. By continuously taking refuge in Mother's Womb (Emptiness!) he hopes to become/remain ego-less and thus an optimal servant to his people. It explains why the Yogya Sultan's always have put emphasis on daily meditations LINK Taman Sari.

* In how far the Yogya Sultan's were aware of the True Nature of Kala, this question cannot easily be answered

Subsequently the Sultan marries (hieros gamos) the Goddess (emanation of the Mother). Some details emphasize this Cosmic Pattern. Senapati a prince about to becoming king meditates in the cave of Parangtritis south of Yogyakarta. Queen Nyai Roro Kidul, the Queen of the South Sees takes him to Her underwater realm - a symbol of death and rebirth! - where they make love. Through this hieros gamos the prince becomes king of a great kingdom (Mataram) and his lineage will be guaranteed by the Queen, provided that every successor marries Her. Ever since the Sultans of both Yogya and Solo consider themselves as "Son/Lovers" of the Queen (MotherGoddess), a tradition that is alive until this present day. The almost exact similarities with the hieros gamos from Sumeria and Babylon are striking. The Legend of the Grail - as part of the LINK Tradition of "Green Men and Wise Women" - is the Western sprout from the same Source.....

Right and left of Her, Her Dragon energies (Makara)


Existing ceremonies are the Labuhan, in which offerings are thrown into the sea; the Bedhaya Semang or Ketawang*, recently the Bedhya Harjunowijoyo (2010), which are sacred dances dedicated to the Queen, asking for fertility, protection of the realm and the Sultan's kingship. Nine female dancers - the nine spirits of the Queen, all representing parts of the land - are dancing for the Sultan. The route this tradition covered came e.g. from China where the nine realms ("nine ding") also represent the sovereignty over the land. (Very) early Hinduism is another connection, where proto-Shiva (found at Mohenjo-Daro) was the Son/Lover of Kali.... She represents the archaic MotherGoddess ruling over Creation, Permanence and Destruction, hence some Tantric (Sex!) Rituals were performed on Javanese cemeteries....
* For a Youtube recording,
click the file below

. Honestly, I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard this.With all shortcomings of daily practice, how entirely different was the Mind of the Yogya (also Solo) Sultan compared to that of current "leaders". The former really seems to come from another planet. Question in between: on which planet would you prefer to live?

A second Kala on the opposite fence

More links to ancient times. Both in Yogya and Solo the Sultan's mother has (informally) the highest status. Moreover, Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX addressed Queen Ratu Kidul as "Grandmother", a very ancient title for the Cosmic Mother....

It cannot be denied anymore: Kala is the main Deity of the Kraton


Note! that the spiritual! lineage of pre-patriarchal times was between the MotherGoddess and the King! (In the West the Grail was the last expression of it). Not between the Mother and priests. The latter came into play after the men refused to become a Son/Lover (Gilgamesh) and started pursuing immortality (Sakyamuni Buddha). "Religion" as we know it is a patriarchal creation, one that aimed at taking over power from the Original Mother!
More about this in: James J.Preston "Cult of the Goddess", 1980 Vikus Publishing

A very intrigueing One

An impression of the Kraton's atmosphere


However, this isn't the end of the story yet. Aware of the shortcoming of men's ego's the necessity of compassion was felt. This corresponds with modern ideas about androgynity, in which men's ego need to be balanced through the development of his "inner femininity". In Java compassion was symbolized by the Queen of the South Sees, Nyai Roro Kidul. She exceeds every female beauty, kindness and selflessness. She is the Divine Consort of the Sultan. In fact, his Divinity and Her's are two sides of the same coin. The Goddess having Her own particular concerns: the equally sharing of Divine and earthly benefits. Her mission is to share all gifts freely to the Sees, e.g. to all people equally. Without Compassion the workings of both the Cosmic Mother and Her Divine Son remain infertile. That's why the favorite color of the Queen is green. She has this (indeed!) in common with Inanna, Goddess of ancient Sumeria, Osiris, the Green Man, Al Khidr (Nabi-Khidr, the Green Man of Islam), Green Tara, the main color in the Grail Legend, while Hildegard of Bingen even called Jesus a Green Man.....*

* LINK: European Green Men & Wise Women Network

Two Makara's

What do you think: could this Myth have any relevance for modern times?


I was in Yogyakarta during a Celebration of the Army.... The square in front of the Kraton was very crowded. Police presence everywhere. The Kraton closed for the public. Nevertheless after kind request police allowed me to go in taking my pictures....

The Cosmic hiarachy (acc. to very ancient times) reflected by Kala (the Supreme Deity) on the background and the heraldics of the Sultan as Her emanation ("God/King"). Left and right the two Dragons

Very powerful indeed

krat-1787.jpg (16172 bytes)

Makaram, the Son/Lover/Beast of the Mother (Kala)



The Holy Flower
(Wijaya Kusuma)

Cleansing evil, very similar to the Dragon Flower of Maitreya Buddha in Chinese Folk Buddhism

The fascinating Tari Bedhaya Ketawang Dance (Surakarta)

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