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Healing the Planet in 7 Steps   (English/German/Dutch)

First step: The Universal Way (English)



Our Future Educational Initiative

A combination of an ashram, a monastery and a training center
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Starting point

Awaken!/Back to the Origin/Renewal

In order to discover who you are, the understanding of the times in which we live is a must. As we know this is one of demolition and decay. Superficially seen this is rather meaningless. However, if we dig deeper, we discover that the universe is "ruled" by a Vacuum, one in Which everything continuously dies while being reborn. Why the emphasis on destruction? Well, the accumulations that are caused by us, are not tolerated anymore by the "Ultimate Emptiness".

Wisdom is equal to cooperation with the cosmic process. What is broken down is nothing less than the ego and its achievements. The unique thing about these times is, that the Ultimate is thus supporting your spiritual quest: to disidentify from your ego. You don't have to do it entirely yourself anymore. By going back to the Origin* the latter takes the burden from you, which means inner renewal e.g. the birth of your True Self.   

* His approach is interreligious and multicultural. In which the "Maternal Dimensie of God" in the various traditions - Hinduism, Taoism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and even Islam ("Allah in His/Her Aspect of the Mercyful") - is emphasized. It is an important contribution to peace, tolerance and reconciliation.


Restructure/re-integrate your life

Through unconscious identification with our self-image we are alienated from our Divine Essence, our bodies and nature, our deeper feelings and emotions, from our femininity, eroticism and love life, our strength and from each other. Our healing consists of restoring the wholeness of life. To awaken is the first step. However, you "haven't achieved" yet. So it isn't the end (of the road) nor the goal, but only the beginning. 

Han Marie is one of the few teachers, who demonstrates, that the Way includes various steps. Actually, it includes life as a whole. He calls it The Universal Way: awakening, personal integration, being rooted in heaven and earth, breakthrough to the Light, purification, taking refuge in the Ultimate and very concrete compassion e.g. service. You are welcome to his meetings* e.g. to his individual spiritual sessions.

* Consultations are by appointment. Please, fil in the form (pdf file)! Meetings a.o. in Utrecht. See Program.


Serve Others/Commitment toward the Whole

"Healing the Planet, to begin with yourself"*. The foundation was (is) his own learning process*. Going back to the Source, while subsequently drawing concentric circles to one's environment. Guideline is "The Great Learning", the most important spiritual-social text of ancient China (400 BCE). "How can you pursue the state affairs well, if you cannot bring order in your own household" it is said. Or the other way round: "What is the value of becoming aware e.g. wholeness, if you don't extend it to your family, your relationships, your street, your neighbourhood, the commune etc?

* Consisting of 7 Steps: A New Spirituality, A New Psychology, A New Health Care, A New Culture, A New Society, A New Economy and A New Earth and has been published here in the internet.

From a ME to a WE society

At the same time he has published his self-study "Healing the Planet in 7 Steps" project in the internet for free. It is meant for those, who want to be of service e.g. extend their qualities into their surroundings. The training includes "Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service"*. The outcome is a new type of volunteer, who feel inspired by the tradition of "Green Man" and "Wise Woman", dedicated to "Healing the Planet", supporting people on their Path toward becoming whole.    

* An important contribution to renewal of youth work and community building.

A New Health Care

Besides spirituality, health care is the second gate toward our "Healing the Planet" project. Worldwide people cry out for a holistic approach, one that really promotes health and can cure. Our more than 35 years of expertise proves to be a great advantage here. What we offer is: advice for structural change in the care system;  trainings and courses flow system therapy; group consultations (spiritual, psychological and medical), besides regeneration- e.g. pain treatments (plus courses) with chinese guasha therapy*.

* See:

The unique thing is, that our spiritual training (see previous chapter) is combined with commitment to one's fellow man (woman). Apart from activities in our future "Transformatorium", we regularly go and visit people (worldwide). At the spot we then "put up our tents". In practice, it is a combination of a "monasterial" daily schedule - consisting of elements of The Universal Way - with starting a New Health Care on the basis of the flow system, offering pain treatments etc., etc.* A special kind of "meditation and therapy in action!".

* In 2004 we have been doing this for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, Spain. The unique atmosphere has been recorderd on DVD. See also: with our entire health program.

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