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(Both the Divine (white/yellow) and the universe (green) are born out of the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning to their Origin)

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Radio-interview (19.8.2012) with Rinus van Warven (in Dutch)

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This website is the result of some 14 years of writing. The hope is that it may contribute to a New World

To inform you, in 33 years Han Marie has neither "collected" any followers, nor did he start an organization. His only passion: to share what the Cosmos has shared with him

Neither did he accumulate any wealth nor aspired any power. If people are inspired and like to go on with the Work, then, of course, Han Marie will support them wherever he can 

The Experiences that were granted to Han Marie are   all-inclusive, they belong to the "heritage of mankind". Hence his responsibility to publish them for free

The former have nothing to do with esoteric speculation e.g. mindgames, new age, contact with entities, self- projections, pseudo- spiritual identifications etc. etc.

On the contrary, everything originates directly from REALITY

The Work is centered around spirituality, health and ecology, renewing the entire culture, the way out of the global crisis. It is independent, non-denominational and non-commercial

Others consider his Work as a piece of art. That's fine with him. Obviously, everybody will receive and appreciate his insights differently

As for Han Marie himself, he recently has entered a new (last) stage in life, that of living his Essence: the "Vol-Ledigheid" ("Fullness in Emptiness")

He is leading a very simple life, while exclusively   guiding people back to the Origin through "Cosmic Guidance", Teaching, Healing or just a joyful exchange

For all other information, please, study the website

24 Books


This leads to the ultimate insight into our culture. It is founded on the ego. Long ago our spiritual foundation was destroyed. Originally (wo)man was part of the whole. He/she was part of "heaven, earth and the community." This embeddedness guaranteed that the ego, our self-centeredness, was not able to develop itself to the extreme. At the end of the Middle Ages this was over. We were "thrown upon ourselves". Untamed by the whole the ego could develop itself "freely". An ego that does not return to the origin, being integrated there, is blowing itself up more and more. It develops a bubble. This bubble is over-compensating for the inherent powerlessness, inferiority, insignificance of the ego. Because it is a self-constructed, very rickety indeed, structure itself, it must "prove" again and again that it is strong, powerful, big and superior. The bubble is getting bigger and bigger, dragging everything down with its megalomania. History thus moves from bubble to fall and from "new beginning" to a new bubble. Today we are shortly before facing the bursting of the biggest bubble in history. It is this blown-up ego that is - through greed, unlimited profit, growth and exploitation - now about to destroy the earth. If you do not realize that we live in a mega-bubble, solutions are exclusively sought within. The latter focussing on the repair of certain aspects, only. Once you gain overview, however, looking "from outside" to the complex as a whole, then it is clear, that only causal therapy can save our culture: the definitive elimination of the ego-overcompensation syndrome. This pathological complex is the root cause of the world crisis, everything else originates from it.

From the book "Wholistic Transformation"

Green Man says:"the world desperately needs (eco-spiritual)  education, education and education. Who supports his initiative?"

One of our guidelines is Europe's spiritual core legend: the Grail and the Parzival Project
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Some core Spiritual-Cultural essays:
The Shattered West
Europe Motherland
Great Mother Buddhism

Burn-out is the collapse of a blown-up ego


"Green Man" in "his" Sacred Grove

Cosmic Mother

Healing yourself, Healing each other, Healing the world
Way out of the Ego-catastrophe


Leaders of a New Cosmic Movement

"A civilization in decay has to go back to the Origin
in order to be renewed"
After Arnold Toynbee

of the
After 2000 years: Rebirth of the Most Ancient
Cosmic Culture on Earth
Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4
, Link5, Link6, Link7, Link8, Threefold Cosmic Realization,
Link10, Link11, Link12 (Great Night), Link13

I have been beyond God and the universe.
Being Nothing, I Am Everything.
I know the Origin of All,
sharing this Supreme Treasure with
every sincere seeker


Universal Teacher, "Green Man", Wholistic physician
(since 1972) Founder of Cosmic Medicine
based on his unsurpassed
Threefold Cosmic Realization
(See also "Autobiography")

Overview Original Tradition

greenman1.gif (12664 bytes)

Green Man
(The Divine incarnated)


The Divine
("Son" of the Mother)

Universal Great Mother/ Cosmic Womb Mandala
(Both the Divine (white/yellow) and the universe (green) are born out of the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning
to their Origin)

Black Madonna/

("Daughter" of the Mother)

wisewoman1.gif (12467 bytes)

Wise Woman
(The Madonna incarnated)

Cosmic Mother manifesting Herself as:

(First "Emanation")


(Second "Emanation")
"Green Men & Wise Women Pilgrim Network"

Green Man
(See: "European Network")

Goal: to Restore the Wholeness of life
(Wo)Mankind being rooted in

(once again)
Link1, Link2, Link3


THE Answer to the World Crisis
"New Leaders to a New World"


Give Up Your Ego


Return to the Origin
and you will be (continuously) Renewed,
renewing the world....
Imbued by the Lightness of Being
With eternal gratitude to
The Birthgiver


Cosmic Mother

Both the Divine (white, yellow) and the universe (green) are born out of the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning to their Origin

For personal contemplation,

Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine
(Cosmic Womb Mandala and Her Manifestation:
The Black Madonna)
Link1Link2,  Link3, Link4

Her Womb is All-Embracing
Everything is sacred
You are blessed

Cosmic-Spiritual-Scientific Breakthrough

Link "The Supreme Design"



See also: "Agenda"

Including Topics e.g.
" Know yourself", "The ego-catastrophe", "Taking refuge in the Cosmic Mother in order to become reborn", "Green Men & Wise Women as hopefuls to a New World", "Healing Communities as THE answer to the global crisis" and much more......

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See e.g. "MatriTalks"

Handbook Integral-Evolutionary Medicine

Page honoring Albert Einstein
Advocate of the unity of Cosmic Spirituality & Science


Sayings I

"That which is impenetrable to us really exists. Behind the secrets of nature remains something subtle, intangible, and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion"

Unless there is a spiritual renaissance, the world will know no peace
Dag Hammarskj÷ld, former Secretary General of the United Nations

"Now only a God can save us"
Martin Heidegger
(Der Spiegel 0/1997, See my Interview)

The fate of mankind, as well as of religion, depends on the emergence of a new faith in the future
Teilhard de Chardin

Neither Christianity nor Atheism. Long live the Cosmic Religion!
Han Marie Stiekema

After more than 33 years of hesitation I am sharing the Secret of Secrets with you all....

Before you start reading, you may
first study these three topics
Urgent Message to Spiritual and Religious Leaders worldwide


Letter to Universities
(Religious Studies)


Cosmic Spirituality & Science
Link1, Link2, Link3

1977 Green Man's Full Enlightenment

Dear Friends,

In these most critical of times ("Ego-Catastrophe"),
in which the survival of the whole of humanity is at stake,

I invite you to go back to the Origin in order to become Renewed

The Origin is called the "Vacuum" ( physics), "Emptiness beyond Emptiness" (Buddhism) or the  "Eternal-Feminine" (J.W. Goethe)*.  Since earliest times it is called the "Cosmic Womb"
* Also called the Void, Darkness, the Great Night, the Depth or Primordial Ground....

Universal Message to people worldwide
The Cosmos is a Womb, "the All-Embracing One".

It is the true meaning of the "Mother of God".: She is the Birthgiver of the Eternal Light (God) and the universe
By the way: one of Green Man's favorite talks....

The Primordial Mystery of Life
Not "God" created the world out of nothingness, but Nothingness is giving birth to both the Divine (Light) and the universe, the latter continuously returning to their Origin

The new insight:
The Cosmic Womb (Emptiness beyond Emptiness) is continuously taking everything old, sick, accumulated and evil back, while everything new, healthy, alive and good is borne out of Her

Think in this regard of the Mahakala or Goddess Kali from India 

The "positive" thing of Emptiness (or Nothingness) is that it ("She") destroys all accumulation, everything that blows itself up (ego, evil), everything destructive....

Her Destruction Force is destroying negativity!!! through which balance is being restored

In Christianity one speaks of God as "Fascinosum et Tremendum": being attracted by the Godhead, while at the same time having existential fear. It is a faint memory from the times of the Mother

The cosmic situation is this:
The Womb is the Origin of the two main Cosmic Forces: "Creation" (Birth) and "Destruction" (Death), together maintaining the dynamic balance of the universe: Mother's "Web of Life"

The "Eternal Cycle of Death and Rebirth" is symbolized by the Green Men, while the "Web of Life" is embodied by the Wise Women

Green Men: the embodiment of a dying culture, about to resurrect...

The paradox: Only Nothingness can give you (Cosmic) Security. She is everywhere, the Cosmic Space including all forms. Being Nothing, you are everything
Go for the Truth. Don't do with less!

Nothingness doesn't tolerate accumulation, hence our era of decay, in which "She" is breaking down all our self-centered achievements

A big problem has arisen:
During the last six centuries or so, it was the ego that refused to become part of Her Cosmic Balance

It is an isolated entity, that has lost all contact with Reality, "thrown upon itself", addicted to its self-image, deeply afraid of Nothingness
His way to cope with it is overcompensation

(Wo)Mankind is part of a Mega-Ego-Addiction, desperately in need of inner Transformation
Highly recommended in Youtube or
the interview with Christina Grof:
"Addiction, Attachment & Spiritual Crisis"

Lacking a balancing context it is blowing itself up further and further, ultimately destroying the world as we know it
Ego is potential evil ("proto-evil"). Depending on the situation it may become virulent any moment

"Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder"
A. Toynbee

Soon I hope to present to you the 12 Steps of freedom from ego and the Realization of Wholeness

The near future will decide:
Big Brother or Cosmic Mother!

More, more and more....
Faster, faster and faster....
Bigger, bigger and bigger....
Only dummies don't know
the result:

Its basic attitude is exploitation (of
people and nature). The ego-problem, therefore, is the most acute issue of (wo)mankind. It is the cause of greed, oppression, injustice, violence

Greed, oppression etc. are only symptoms though. Their viciousness originates from the ego as a self-centered cancer-growth. The solution: (re)integration into the Whole

The world caught by collective self-addiction:
One illusionary Mega Bubble,
opium of the people!
Only Cosmic Religion can bring you back to Reality

Cosmic Religion as Answer to the World Crisis?

Thus, Nothingness isn't "the end". It appears to be the "Cauldron of Renewal". It takes away all self-centered tendencies (ego), while giving birth to our New Self

Key issue:
How do I give up my ego? 2000 years of "fighting evil" has proven to be a farce. Now, our longing is for "something" absolutely incorruptable
Click the link

The Revelation of the Cosmic Mother (1977) has given us new hope. Unlike current religious systems, Her Absolute Nothingness is the only Realm that can
curb the ego

One major consequence:
Spiritually, it means that everybody is invited to cooperate with the Cosmos - "to die to the old" - while being reborn as a New (Wo)Man
How to give up your ego is a universal challenge

The True Self is the Center, the Divine Spark in you (Meister Eckhart), Source of Insight, Wisdom, inner Stability, Balance and Regeneration, Interconnectedness, Love and Strength

The Ultimate Healing consists of giving up your ego.
That's why the Green Man brings

the Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine
to all corners of the earth.
To give you the opportunity of giving back
your ego to Her Bottomless Depth

in order to become reborn as
a True Self

(See also: "Mother for Mothers")

Mothers of this World!
"Mother for Mothers"
See also: "Agenda"

The Cosmic Mother is the "Cauldron" of ongoing Renewal & Regeneration, indeed synonymous to the Holy Grail

This is not the end of your Path. After personal Renewal, the world should follow
Once your True Self is born, subsequently becoming part of "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", Wholeness is restored.

The Mother is All-Inclusive. All traditions e.g. religions have memories of Her. Therefore, She is THE Source of interfaith understanding, tolerance and cooperation
Search for the "Maternal Dimension of God" in your own tradition!
See also: "Great Mother Buddhism"
Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4, Link5, Link6

Give yourself a new perspective:
Go for the Truth, Turn On and Get Together!

The Great Teaching Interview


Do you want to commit yourself?
International Training Center



Do you have a longing for a spiritual life?
Do you consider healing a vocation?
Do you want to serve the whole?
Are you willing to give up your ego?
Do you want to live in a community?
Do you like a daily "monastic" schedule?
If so, your life couldn't be more fulfilling

In that case you are very welcome

Life as a calling
Being attracted by the Cosmic Mother
Dedicated to the Whole
Knowing yourself
Leadership qualities
Ideology and esoterism-free
Selfless service....
For more, contact us

Wang Yang Li dearly wanted to become a Zen monk.
However, the Master declined him.
He wasn't disencouraged by it, though.
For many days and nights he camped in front of the monastery gate.
Until it was opened to him.


Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service,
Earth Service

Sayings I
Sayings II
Sayings III
Sayings IV




(To the international media)

After many years of hesitation a "New Universal Wisdom Teacher"* (CultureRenewal) has stand up
* Servant to the Universal Mother

"Green Man" or "Laughing Buddha" claims to have found the solution to the World Crisis

The root cause of the World Crisis is spiritual, he says

Through clinging to our ego's the Original Wholeness has been lost

It is worse: ego has blown itself up, to such an extent that it destroys the whole world

"To have as the inability to Be"

The only justification for a religion to exist is whether it curbs the ego, yes or no

As we all know, the historic religions have all dramatically failed in this regard

Nowadays, a global ego thus asks for a global answer: the founding of A Cosmic Religion

The Turning Point is the Revelation of the Cosmic Mother

She is the "Cauldron of Renewal", also called "Holy Grail"

Through Her Cosmic Forces of "Creation" and "Destruction" the decay will be turned into Regeneration on all levels of existence

Green Man is the only one who has experienced the Full (Empty!) Reality of the Mother

See also:
Bede Griffiths on the Mother

His Mission: "Healing the Planet" to begin with yourself

With Eco-Spirituality as a major tool to lay the foundation for "A New Heaven and A New Earth", leading to peace, justice and sustainability for all

Therefore support his initiative

He comes to all interested groups e.g. environmental organizations, regional initiatives, peace groups, women organizations, universities (e.g. ecology & environmental studies, religious studies, physics & cosmology, peace studies, women studies), religious organizations, governments, EU, UN....

Let him come to your city, town, organize a meeting e.g. a talk!

We like to hear from you!


Meetings, Talks, Teachings of the Green Man

Overview of current places, times etc.

Green Man goes where the need is

He could stay with you for days, weeks, months

Grateful for every simple facility

You determine yourself how many steps (of the programme) you want to make

Programmes are for free or/and on donation basis*

Don't miss this great opportunity!

Info & Contact

* Professional and business organizations will be asked a fee

Independent, non-denominational and non-commercial initiative

Link1, Link2

Click the
to "A New World Religion"

TWlink Twelve Steps to free yourself from ego-addiction

linkRead a crucial Text: EVIL

Green Man announces
"A New World Religion"
The Original Tradition of the Universal Cosmic Mother
Healing the Planet
Visiting Teacher Program
Agenda World Tour2013/14

(Key page)"Origin"
My Teaching with
24 Source Books, including 24 pdf-versions
with links to all  writings

How do I give up my ego?
Meeting Green Man
MeiMei is joining!
2013 The Oracle

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See also

"Green University"
Training Programme
Green Men & Wise Women

Join his Wilderness Training 2013/14

Our Studio
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Radio-interview (19.8.2012) with Rinus van Warven (in Dutch)

Intercultural Exchange
Cosmic Mother
She Is Everywhere!

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the spiritual encyclopedia
Teaching Interview "HOUR OF TRUTH"
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