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The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother

Healing the Planet

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


Based on:
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
Earth Service


Dear Friends,

Questioning mainstream triumphs like the "virtual" revolution,
is not a thing people will speak highly of.
There are several reasons for being extremely critical, though:
loss of Reality, destroying our youth, techno-dictatorship and corruption of religion.
It is a combination of factors that threatens the survival of the Earth.
It is therefore NOT possible NOT to speak out.
I will describe everything as reasonable e.g. scientific as possible.

A survey in Germany has revealed that children averagely
watch the screen 7 hours a day, with some extra hours handy and iPad usage.
Other countries, like South Korea have an even gloomier record.
Recently, doctors of the Brain Balance Center in Seoul have published their report.
It says that even children - from 12-20 years - show symptoms
of "Digital Dementia" or degeneration of brain function,
like we otherwise only see in adults.

Their conclusion is that this result is due to excessive use of electronic devises,
which is quite unique, for this kind of studies rarely finds sponsors.....

The pathology goes like this.
Through absence of our True Self, the Realm that keeps us stable in ourselves,*
our awareness, is so weak, that "normally" it is continuously
absorbed by thoughts, emotions and desires.
In Dutch we say "I am IN thoughts",
thoughts uninterruptedly draining our energy, the latter which
is then not available for other purposes and functions anymore.

* See: "Letter "Knowing yourself"

We are a slave of our thinking to such an extent,
that we don't know about our true identity, who we really are.
Upon my question "WHO is in thoughts", people usually look sheepish
at me or shrug their shoulders.
To assess the seriousness of the situation, we have to first take
this underlying spiritual disposition into account.
For, instead of healing it, exactly the opposite happens nowadays.

Without spiritual insight no assessment of the situation is possible

Starting point is a civilization that is already alienated from its Innermost Core,
and therefore unconsciously at the mercy of the realm of thought,
a permanent victim of the forces of entropy.
What the digital industry does is promoting exactly this being drained.
They "upgrade" the thought-world with powerful new images,
symbols and suggestions.
The already "weak-willed" having no answer to this.

To add something very practical to it: the computer (screen) has a powerful
sucking effect on one's bodily energies.
The content of what you see may be exciting, but after many hours of working
the overall energy-level is low.
It explains a great deal of the fatigue going around like an epidemic,
just like cold hands and feet, often resulting in stiffness and pain.
No doctor, who relates this to electromagnetic smog.

Normality is characterized by an inner distance between your True Self
and the processes of your psyche

In a healthy mind (a rare phenomenon...) the ego, plus its corresponding
thinking, is returning to its context (Being, Emptiness), while continuously
being reborn. This is called "vertical thinking".
It is always original, new, balanced and creative. The conditioned (common) mind, on the other hand, is unaware of its empty Essence, reason why thoughts cannot
return e.g. be renewed. The result is "horizontal thinking", in which
one (conditioned) thought is triggering the next. 

People massively suffer from this their obsessive thinking. Time and again
one hears people say "I get crazy from my thinking".
Logically, because this kind of thinking is compulsive, moves in circles
and is conditioned by ongoing chain reactions.
The digital world intensifies this adrift thinking and imagining to the extreme.
Acceleration becomes unstoppable, ending up in frenzy. For some time this is raising your adrenaline.... until suddenly: the breakdown.

This happens on a small scale as well as on a big. It gives you an exact
prediction about what is going to happen in the near future

Summarizing, the stages of pathology are the following:
1. A morbid absorption of your Self by your thinking (truly an addiction!).
2. Subsequently being drained by the "virtual world" as well, the beginning
of a more lasting damage to your personality.
3. Permanent energy-undernourishment of your body, with disorders,
constantly impairing your health.
4. Chronic spiritual/psychological/physical burn-out e.g. degeneration.
5. Permanent brain damage: dementia or zombie-stage.

The smarties proving to be the dummies.

Loss of sense of reality is a major additional damage done to
spiritual/psychological health
The "smart" boys from the various virtual madhouses even plan to subject
our entire lives to wireless systems.
They arrogantly call this the "first reality", downgrading our common
reality as backward. Don't underestimate them:
They work hard to create a technological "paradise" "for all".

To the ignorant (ego) virtual reality is "paradise
To the Awakenend Mind it is "hell"

Special nature trips are organized for US city children,
because they don't know where the fruits, the vegetables, the milk
and the eggs are coming from. It's even worse, because
how can a future generation, that never had a chance to appreciate nature,
ever become the guardians of it? Not to speak of the consequences for the children themselves. How can a child that already shows
symptoms of "digital dementia" ever return to full health?

A terrible alliance of power, total control and money is overshadowing
the planet, all symptoms of megalomania.
For many it is reason for great concern: "to control or be controlled",
that is the question here. Recent "scandals" only confirming this.
In the long run, the "winners" will be the loosers, though,
for the system has already proven to be a mega-bubble that
any moment may collapse.

Before you understand me wrongly:
I have no objection whatsoever against moderate usage of electronic media.
The key word is "moderate".

Religiously, the "virtual world" appears to be the new "god",
for it gives people everything it it seems.
It even has an analogy to the Cosmic Mother and Her Son/Lover.
The former takes ("sucks") the ego away in order to give birth to your New Self.
While the computer is the "Great Sucker" (vampire!), exploited by Big Brother, taking all your spiritual/psychological/physical "capital" away, "giving birth" to disorder and disease.... the "Anti-Mother" so to speak....

The aim of "Big Brother" is to make everybody "happy"....
His point of departure are the selfish desires of everybodies' ego.
His dream is to satisfy them through "social cyberrnetics".
Pre-requisite is that you and me become totally dependent on the "machine".
The ulitmate goal is that your entire life becomes an extension
of your smartphone, the internet and wireless systems.
His whole effort today is to first make you addicted.

What he hopes is that happiness and limitless ego-satisfaction
prove to be the same thing.
What he forgets is that people put into a golden cage,
every wish being met, become swollen and sick.
Our ego's become stuffed to such an extent that they get rotten.
Okay, he will say, we have a suitable re-education for you
which you should swallow, turning you into a zombie. 

He wants Reality to become replaced by virtual reality.
Everything that makes humans beautiful: their Divine Being,
their higher aspirations, their self-sacrifice,
their authentic connectedness with nature and each other,
their challenges, their love and creativity, including their possibilities
to fail....have to be sacrificed on the altar
of the Mega-machine.


My compassion goes to all these poor children, exposed to
sickening influences, to which they have no defense*. My advice:
1. Remove all unnecessary electronics from your house.
2. Limit the usage wherever you can.
3. Do everything to support spiritual development of your child.
4. Move to the countryside or go out into nature regularly.
5. Contrive alliances with soul-mates e.g. kindred families.

* Many chronic illnesses that 20-30 years ago only started at an adult age,
are now VERY frequent among VERY young children.

Dear children,


In the mean time, the first degenerative symptoms
of the so-called "social media" become visible
It cannot be hidden anymore, that these media function as
a huge profit-making machine for the rich few
They become platforms for advertisements, data are sold to the government
It forces the owners to ever increasing control of the "friends",
which already leads to protests worlwide.

Right from the start it became clear that these companies
try to benefit from the social isolation people are in
Instead of promoting genuine communication
these media make as much money as they can out of people's suffering
by offering them to participate in an imaginary bubble
a surrogate which (in the long run) only frustrates

The slogan that really brings people (and especially youth) together is
"Back To Reality"
Addressing ourselves to all those parents who have to watch
the degeneration of their children from close-by
We also address ourselves to the youth itself
Your suffering comes from utter deterioration
What you need is perspective, guidelines and meaning

In former times boys in Asia were sent to a monastery
There they got education, a career, a community, guidance
Nowadays, the need for youth that commit themselves to a spiritual career
is enormous, yes, the future of the whole society depends on it
Parents and youth, think about this option
Some time ago I founded the "Healing Communities"
It offers exactly what you need!

See: "Healing Communities"

It is all part of my
Cosmic Mother

Independent, non-denominational, non-partisan, non-commercial

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All rights reserved

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