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The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother

Healing the Planet

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


Based on:
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
Earth Service

Connecting All

Dear Friends,

Economic globalization has dissiminated suffering to all corners of the globe
A large percentage of (wo)mankind face similar difficulties.
While the STC-complex* is plundering the earth, the people
are exposed to factors that directly undermine their basic securities.
People in the West also start to be affected.
To bring it all to one point:
Existential problems ask for existential solutions.

* Science, technology, capitalism

It means we have to go to the core of our problem.
During the last centuries a socio-economic system, based on
greed, "growth", profit and exploitation has ravaged the planet.
The underlying problem is called ego.
It is the part of our being, that has detached itself from the Whole,
living a life exclusively on and for itself.

The first step, therefore is to acknowledge that we are in great trouble
and that the ego is an epidemic that has affected us all.
It is the engine behind the self-destructive structures of our societies.
The global crisis, therefore, ultimately, is a spiritual problem.
If a house is rotten you may try to repair the various floors.
Without repairing the foundations first, it will still collapse, though.

For two thousands years religions have "tried" to eradicate sin.
The problem has only become worse, though.
Existing "historic" religions having failed to solve the ego-problem.

Two choices are possible here.
One is to conclude that religions in general are unsuitable to
solve the problem or that a totally new
approach is needed, a religion able to curb the ego,
based on universal principles, acceptable for everyone worldwide,
a common denominator that has every promise to restore Wholeness
in it, while respecting people's traditional beliefs.

Core mission of every true religion is threefold:
It should facilitate surrendering yourself to the Ultimate, promoting
the birth of the Divine in one's own soul; simultaneously! "destroying" the ego,
transforming the tyrant into a servant, while supporting you in becoming
part of the Whole - "Heaven, earth and the (new)
community" - once again.

Because of the seriousness of our global crisis common
approach is totally inadequate.
The main reason is, that it doesn't go deep enough.
It is the reason why the "Cosmic Mother" has Revealed Herself (1977),
showing (wo)mankind the way to solve the ego-problem.
Every approach that leaves "space" for the ego to once again identify itself,
with what is totally irrelevant - from the material to the "spiritual" -
is doomed to fail.

Only Absolute Nothingness is able to do it.
It is the key issue. Without it all efforts will be in vain. In order for
a Cosmic Religion to be accepted, the universality of the Vacuum is crucial.
Science is of great help here. It confirms that the whole universe
is born out of it. At a closer look and to great relief
the mystical foundations of almost all historic religions confirm this too,
including Hinduism, Taoism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and,
with a little "good will", even Islam.

Recently pope Francis launched a campaign to "bring the Gospel
to the world through "acts of serving". While his style is "disarming", his
underlying aims are opposite, they reflect 2000 years of Church strategy:
to use (abuse) the faith for expansionist political goals. It is based
on ego e.g. felt superiority and exclusivity.

The Cosmic Mother, on the other hand, has no need to fight competitors.
She has none! "Being Nothing, She is everything".
Why proselytizing, when She is All-Embracing from Eternity?
Without effort She brings us together, because we
ARE ALREADY in Her Cosmic Space! We are Her children, so why
trying to convert us? Like an earthly mother She loves us AS WE ARE.
My only Mission is to tell you this.

Insight into the True Nature of the Cosmos proves to be decisive.
Our beliefs, thoughts and actions are determined by it.
The Origin proves to be a Vacuum, giving birth to God and the universe.
As has been said above, the idea of God as Nothingness
is familiar with almost all traditions.
From this perspective the Beyond - Absolute Nothingness - isn't
that strange anymore.

This in turn is connected to memories of the "Eternal Feminine".
Before the patriarchal idea of a "Creator God" the world was supposed
to be a birth out of a Cosmic Womb, the latter being
synonymous with the often quoted "Cosmic Abyss" or "Bottomlessness".
Re-connecting to these "old memories" many surprises pop up.
Hinduism still reveres Kali as the Origin of All.
In Taoism another word for Tao is the Eternal Womb.
Buddhism has preserved the deepest insight - "Emptiness beyond
Emptiness" - or "Nirvana".
The Christian "Mother of God" is a direct memory of the True
Mother of God from the pre-Christian Era.
In Islam the Compassion of Allah is described with feminine connotations,
while Mohammed compared God with an earthly mother.
The Jewish "Ruah" in Genesis means "Womb".

Link: "Mother & Sons", "Europe Motherland", "Universal Mother Council"

Add the overwhelming popularity of the Feminine as Deity to it....
devotees of the Mother of different faiths have more in common with
each other than with their own religious dogma's.....
it will be clear that the "Mother" has always been among us.
The Black Madonna is an excellent example of how She managed
to survive, from the early Middle Ages to these current days.
Her Blackness fascinates because it is a direct manifestation
of the Essence of the Cosmic Mother.

"God gives, God takes"* and "To escape from the Cycle of Birth
and Death". The first is a saying of simple Christian believers, the
second the core dogma of Buddhism.
Both are suggesting that they possess the Highest Wisdom!
On the one hand "Birth and Death" (Creation and Destruction) ruling life,
on the other that the "Real Life" has to be sought in the "Beyond".
The crucial question: can these two opposites be reconciled?

* Also: "From God we come, to God we return", suggesting "Creation and Destruction"
ruling the universe.

They can. For that I will elaborate on it from various points of view:
from mythology, spirituality, science, medicine....
In pre-historic times everything - the Light and the universe - was
considered to be born
out of the "Cosmic Womb": the Dark Bottomless Night, while
continuously returning to its Origin.
Life is cyclic, ruled by the Law of Birth and Death.
Even the Gods were subjected to it: resulting in a dynamic
BALANCE as the Supreme Cosmic Goal.

The Eternal Return ended with men refusing their role as
Vegetation Gods, fed up with common life so to speak.
Their rising ego had discovered a new challenge in life: immortality.
By stepping out of life, cyclic time was replaced by linear time.
The irony: while in cyclic awareness there wasn't any fear of death....
because of ongoing rebirth, the perspective of linearity was
irrevocably death, the search for immortality and existential Angst
became two sides of the same coin.  

  This Angst projected itself in mortality, dividing Light and Darkness.
Light wasn't the "Son of the Mother" - Light born out of Darkness - anymore,
but became the arch-enemy of Darkness and everything related:
Death, Destruction, the Devil, Hell....
"Jesus came to this earth to overcome Darkness".
It is thus a surprise (see above) that among common people
archaic Wisdom survived. The Church had another solution to the problem:
it simply "outsourced" Birth and Death, attributing it to Jesus'
mission of salvation.

"Salvation" thus is the liberation from your own projections....
Not bad for psychology, hopelessly self-deluding for any mature religion.
The true solution to the problem, of course, is the recognition
of the fact that the whole Cosmos is ruled by Creation and Destruction.
Everything - including God - is dying in the Maternal Abyss,
while continuously being reborn.
Because the Divine is timeless and limitless, it only SEEMS
that it is Absolute e.g. Unchanging

"To escape from the Cycle of Birth and Death" is thus based
on ignorance. If you do, like Buddhism and Christianity have done,
insight into the True Nature of the Cosmos is obscured.
Obscured by the Light!
Liberation isn't to escape, but to submit yourself to Cosmic Law.
In order to discover that "Destruction" liberates yourself
from your obsession with the ego, something "common people" always
have understood*, regardless religious theologies and dogma's.
Cosmic Religion thus bridging "Folk Wisdom" with Supreme Cosmic
Insights, truly a good start for a "new" World Religion.

* Hinduism has preserved it too. Unfortunately with very little
practical consequences.

It is a triviality to claim that "Birth and Death" is ruling life.
Nature and our own limited lives are a clear example of it.
Moreover, there must be a (dynamic) balance between the two,
otherwise life - as we know it - wouldn't be possible.
Some facts from daily life illustrates this.

According to prof. W..Zabel 25% of all our body cells are in a stage
of decay, 50% are mature and more or less stable,
while the last 25% is in a stage of being born e.g. growth.
The miracle is that the dying cells secrete a substance that
stimulates the growth of the young cells.
Death as a pre-requisite for new life!

Is the dying process impaired or hindered (e.g. through overeating,
overburdening of the metabolism with waste-products, too little
exercise or the suppressing of fever....),
less secretion takes place, with a lower regeneration rate as a result.

The menstrual cycle is another example of how "Birth and Death"
is manifesting itself in the body. Again the same link:
the more complete the period, the "fresher" the body is
for a possible conception the month after.
Men experience "Birth and Death" through sex. Through orgasm
he experiences a "small death". By going beyond limits - more/deeper
orgasms - he will experience a rebirth, though.

Breathing is a beautiful phenomenon, showing it in all its simplicity.
The deeper your breathing out, the more powerful your breathing in.
Especially, if the former "dies" into the bottomlessness of
your pelvis, this penomenon can be observed.
Only if something comes out of nothingness, it is truly new.
If, on the other hand, something is stirred by another something,
the latter will be conditioned by the previous.

On the psychological level the following can be observed:
thoughts coming (birth) and going (death).
Every meditator can confirm that the more you let go, the more space
for truly valuable new insights is created.

Not surprisingly thus that through giving up your ego ("death")
your New Self will be born. The latter embodying a New Dimension,
proof of the fact that it comes from Nothingness!
Subsequently, every "lower" level will die into a "higher":
your New Self disappears and Satori is born.
Satori, in its turn, dissolves into Full Enlightenment.

* Only in VERY rare cases one experiences Enlightenment being annihilated
by the Cosmic Womb, the latter being the Primordial Cause of
"Birth and Death" on all levels!

As Above, so Below.
In the universe "virtual energy" disappears into the Cosmic Vacuum,
while continuously being reborn.
It is reflecting the Divine dying and being reborn in the Cosmic Womb.

Since Echnaton (pharao) men understood that "immortality" is Real.
It is the Unity with the Divine, deep within you ARE IT.
Despite the utterances of mystics (Christianity, Islam)* official religion
payed only lip-service to the Divine Within.
On the one hand saying "God is Omni-Present", in all and everything, thus
too in every human Being, on the other Jesus as the "Only Begotten Son
of God", excluding "common people" from IT, is unforgivable.

* Augustin, Ruusbroec, Margareta Porete, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross
and many others. In Islam: the entire Sufi-movement.

During Hellenistic Times the ego already became a hindrance,
hence men seeking salvation through giving it up.
Since ancient Wisdom was still available, the ego could only
"die" in Ultimate Nothingness, symbolized by the Cosmic Womb.
It explains the revival of the MotherGoddess in those times.
In the Dark Womb of Isis men sought and found
Renewal and Regeneration.
Through giving up their ego's they enjoyed the birth
of the Divine Within.

The main representative and absolute highlight of Realization
in the West was (of course) Meister Eckhart.
He didn't only go beyond God as a concept, but also beyond the Reality of the Divine, claiming that the Ultimate was Nothingness.
By emptying yourself in a most thorough way, the Divine
could re-enter your Depth once again, restoring Original Oneness.
Not surprisingly, the Church condemned him until this very day!
For us, he is a main cornerstone, a Supreme Giant Saint.
Conclusion: (very....) deep within we are Divine,
born out ("Son") of the Cosmic Mother.

While Christianity encouraged "to follow Jesus", "to become like him",
except of course becoming his Essence......
other religions have no problem with the Divine Within.
In Hinduism the spirit (Atman) is a reflection of Brahma, the supreme God.
To become Enlightened is the major goal of Buddhism.
That's why God-Realization is the common heritage of most
mystical traditions, no conflict with our Cosmic Religion at all.
It leads to an acceptance of Cosmic Religion as Common Denominator,
without the need to give up your own tradition.
Only this way it can make its claim come true of being

Clinging exclusively to the Light, God and the Spirit, while excluding
the other Dimensions of Life,
has led to extreme dualism in which the opposites were
denied, rejected and oppressed:
Identifying with God, while condemning the world,
Glorifying the Spirit, while demonizing nature
Embracing the Light, while rejecting Darkness......
this sickness can only be overcome through the All-Embracing
Cosmic Mother.

Creation and Destruction are two sides of the same coin,
together they maintain balance in the universe - the Web of Life -
through which we can exist.
Pre-requisite is our willingness to become part of the Whole,
once again: "Heaven, earth and the (new) community".
Outside the Whole there is no healing possible, since it
is the cause of our disease.
Translated to earthly life: individualism (ego) is the disease.
Outside the Community no healing is possible.
That's why the ultimate goal of our Cosmic Religion
is "One World Community".*

* Not to be confused with "New World Order" of the technocrats.

Through expanding your Awareness, everything appears to be
content of your "inner" Space.
It starts with your own body, extending itself to the room, the house,
the garden, the town, the countryside, eventually to the whole world.
It is the foundation of the Unity with everything and all, through
which compassion is born.
It is the true meaning of Wholeness.

The derailed youth are only a symptom of a diseased society.
Without a meaningful context they are the victim
of their uncontrolled impulses.
No psychologist or psychiatrist will be able to really finding
answers to their problems. Only a New Community can.
Therefore, I call on all (desperate) parents: send your children
to our "Healing Communities".*
They are (non-denominational) new style "monasteries",
based on three essential pillars: surrendering to the Cosmic Mother,
a daily "monastic" discipline and service to the Whole.

* Link: "Healing Communities"

The New World Religion is based on Cosmic Reality.
All elements have their roots in Real Life.
Therefore they cannot be denied or rejected.
They are existential e.g. can be recognized by all people worldwide.
Through the globalization we share the same problems.
Which can only be solved through A Universal Approach.
This Approach includes all other traditions,
the latter also called: "Sons of the Mother".

Rooted in Absolute Nothingness or the Vacuum,
giving birth to both God and the universe.
Therefore, also called the Cosmic Mother.
With Her two Cosmic Forces of "Creation" and "Destruction",
opposite, yet complimentary.
"Taking care" of Mother's Web of Life,
the dynamic balance of the universe.
Destroying the ego, while giving birth to
our Divine Spark within,
in its turn becoming part of the Whole:
"Heaven, earth and the (new) community",
once again.

Enough for today?

It is all part of my
Cosmic Mother

Independent, non-denominational, non-partisan, non-commercial

Copyright Han Marie Stiekema Sermes.
All rights reserved

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