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The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother

Healing the Planet

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


Based on:
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
Earth Service

(Chinese Guasha)

We add this wondrous therapy to our Mother Healing sessions.
It is part of "Flow System Therapy"*, the holistic/natural approach to health and healing, which I have practised for more than 40 years....
Guasha means „scraping".
Originating from prehistoric times and still practised by some Indigenous
Peoples, Guasha found its way into the mainstream of Chinese Traditional Medicine.
In the treatment, a special oil is put on a particular area of the skin,
after which the therapist starts „scraping" the area with a „scraper",
an instrument specially designed of jade, horn or metal.
Very soon the skin becomes red. The amazing thing is, that on places
where disorders are hidden, bloody spots appear in the skin -
not on the skin - comparable to hemorrhage. Because the scraping is on
the oily skin, the patient will hardly feel any pain -
neither during nor after the treatment - and the „bloody" areas will
fully disappear within 3 to 7 days.

* See:

The spectacular results of guasha are achieved, because of its
simultaneous balancing effects on the skin, the subcutis,
the connective tissue,
the bloodvessels, the lymph system, the periosteum, the muscles,
the nerves, the meridians, the brain and the immune system
and through them on the various functions,
systems and organs of the entire body.
In the connective tissue, it washes out accumulated waste.
Through Guasha, blood is forced through the capillary wall into the connective tissue, where it is stimulating the immune-response.
It is based on the scientific results of the micro-lesion theory,
developed in the US.
Bringing blood in your own tissue - aimed at immune-stimulation - is
also known in Europe. In Germany they have two techniques, called „Eigenbluttherapie", therapy with your own blood and
"petechiale Saugmassage", in which with the help of a vacuum
machine blood is sucked from the capillaries into the subcutis.
Moreover, guasha supports the lymph-system in transporting and filtering waste-products. Through the periosteum, which is the „inner skin"
on the bones, guasha is effectively stimulating reflection zones,
while according to Traditional Chinese Medicine the meridians - the energy-channels of the body - become balanced.
Guasha therefore includes and thus replaces massage,
connective tissue treatment, reflexology, periosteum massage,
acupuncture, moxa, lymph drainage, relaxation, oxygen therapy,
detoxification and immune stimulation, all in one
„simple scraping" treatment!
Not surprisingly, the list of disorders and diseases, which can be
treated with guasha is quite impressive.
From a simple revitalizing treatment to rheumatism, from migraine
and Menière to chronic fatigue (ME), allergies, food intolerance,
candida, PMS, all pain syndromes, back pain, cervical syndrome,
sciatica, digestive system disorders, asthma, metabolic disorders,
angina pectoris, hypertension, immune deficiencies
and many more...*

PilgrimCare 2004

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