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The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother

Healing the Planet

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


Based on:
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
Earth Service

As Multi-Etiological Sumtotal Syndrome" (MESS)

Dear Friends,

Originally, I wanted to put forward the spiritual interpretation of cancer, only.
Considering my rather extensive experience as a physician,
I feel the responsibility to paint the whole picture:
physically, emotionally, spiritually, ecologically, socially
First of all, apart from some rare diseases,
cancer is multi-etiological, e.g. the result of various factors over
a longer period of time.

To be mentioned are: food habits, a disfunctional digestion with
self-poisoning, low water intake, acidification (animal proteins, coffee, tea),
harmful chemicals, lack of physical exercise, low blood oxygen,
so-called foci (like bad teeth), suppression of (harmless) acute diseases (flu etc),
electro-magnetic radiation, with as a consequence two major effects: 1. a toxic
internal milieu 2. weakened immune system.
The spiritual/emotional factors will be mentioned below.

Each of these factors alone will (usually) not be enough to cause cancer.
Needed is their interaction over a long period of time.
First the body-connective tissue system will be affected,
serving as a store-house of pollutants and waste-products.
Only after many years cells will be damaged, as well.
Most forms of cancers therefore appear at the end of a more or less
long period of chronic disorders.*

* A constitional e.g. family disposition, obviously, plays a role too.

Multi-damage to cells may consist of involvement of the cell-membrane,
the mitochondria, the excretion-functions of the cell (lipo-fuscine), the
protein-synthesis, while as a last step DNA will be affected.
DNA anomalies/mutations nowadays are seen almost exclusively as something
"genetic". It serves current scientific and business interests.
The bulk of all harmful gene-mutations are the consequence of the factors
mentioned above, combined, though.

Once the "right terrain" has been created, even one cup of coffee
(had at the "right" moment) could be the trigger to the anomaly.
Therefore, the answer to the multi-causal cause is necessarily a
multi-factorial prevention and cure policy. It involves your entire lifestyle.
Because I have written on this already VERY extensively,
I suggest you open my health website.
Especially under "Personal Health Plan", you will find initial guidance

As physical manifestation of the ego?

It might sound like a provocation, and to some extent it is.
Its function is to wake up by giving new unprecedented insight.
Both are isolated entities, both live at the expense of the whole.
This connection is too obvious for not investigating it.
Taking the "matter as the expression of the spiritual" thesis as a starting
point, I will share an insight that - if proven - could have
considerable impact on the treatment of cancer.

One mechanism is particularly interesting: The ego defining
its identity through rejecting.
You determine what you are NOT, and what is left is you.....
It means that denying, denouncing, suppression is ego's constant companion,
every day accumulating "negativity".
The irony: the more "positive" you think, the more "negativity" you store.
(Cancer patients often are/seem very kind people....)

The first factor is the withdrawal of energy from your immune-system,
necessary for suppressing your shadow.
Often this is visible through measuring your blood adrenaline: it's too low.
Psychologists too confirm, that cancer patients cannot
handle their aggression well.
But is this only something general, it can be seen everywhere.
Are there also specifics?

The body has a very effective self-management.
In the first stages of physical disorders it tries to "throw things (toxins) out".
In more chronic stages, where damage is unavoidable, it concentrates
the toxins, in such a way, that only some (minor) parts of the body are affected.
It is likely, that psychological suppression follows the same pattern.
In order to preserve the normal functioning of the body-mind as a whole,
"negativity" is concentrated in highly restricted areas.

From e.g. Voice Dialogue we know that a certain emotional pattern
is able to influence functions, cells and organs a great deal.
Being identified with the manager in you or with the rapper
has a (very) different impact on the body.
Especially rigid ("strong" ego!) personalities suffer from a dominant pattern.
Over the decades, such a pattern has all the chance to cause
physical disorders.

Cancer thus originates in limited areas of the body, places where
physical and emotional toxins have accumulated.

The effect on the cells is deficiency, suffocation in its own waste,
cell damage and ultimately mutation of the DNA.
This link between the psychological and the physical sounds logic.
Because we cannot expect research to be interested in it soon,
(all are heavily depending on the pharma-industry),
we accept this hypothesis as a probability.
I have called it "Mother Healing".

Together with lifestyle, holistic medicine and (if necessary) technological
medicine, spiritual healing has to be considered a serious option.
But not everything that calls itself that way.
In case of cancer, only the highest requirements are good enough.
There are people claiming, that they can change the DNA.
I consider this highly questionable, not recommendable really. If DNA could
be changed at all, it will only do so through Supreme Cosmic Power.

The origination of this all is the ego, with its obligatory accumulation of
"negativity". Both the beginning of the process (ego) as well as the end (mutated
DNA) are "isolated entities", that resist all therapeutic efforts.
What has not been tried until now is to focus on the cause!
Because this being the ego, only spiritual approaches have a chance.
This is a VERY "exciting" challenge, indeed.
Therefore, I am seriously considering to commit myself.

Ego can only be curbed by Absolute Nothingness.
Only in its Space structures fall apart, while being re-assembled.
It is the ultimative example of how Cosmic Destruction heals.
Normally, the relationship between us and Absolute Emptiness is difficult to
establish. It is simply too abstract.
"Portrayed" as the Cosmic Mother though, it has all the promises of a
All-Inclusive, Compassionate Healer.

Key mantra: "The Mother Heals"

I will be (am always) honest with you. It is just very recent that I finished
my writings. What I planned (more or less) is a World Tour,
to spread the Message of the Cosmic Mother.
The time after has NOT been fixed, yet.
I often think of the time (1972-1977) that I treated (many) cancer patients
in my practice for natural medicine, quite often with success.
In the mean time, so many clinics have established themselves.

Besides I am too old now for opening a clinic (haha).
The real reason, of course, is that nowadays I approach problems exclusively
spiritual. My approach has changed completely, in comparison to my doctor-time.
In more than 40 years the insight has grown, that without solving the
ego-problem, nobody will truly be healed.
It changes my position too: from a healer to the one who guides you to the
Supreme Healer: the Cosmic Mother

I call this approach "Cosmic Support". It is NOT a clinic, but a special
"sacred" place to "give your ego back" to the Ultimate.
It involves insight, trust, courage, surrender, love, determination...
My role is to give you everything you need to make your
Healing Quest a success. It consists e.g. of teaching, Q&A (Oracle),
various Mother Healing techniques, contemplation, including the Personal
Health Plan* and the unique immune-stimulating "Guasha" therapy**.

*    **

The Mother is All-Inclusive, hence everybody is invited.
She knows exactly where the shoe pinches: the isolated entity called ego.
Thus "giving up your ego" is a "conditio sine qua non".
If it is not a clinic, what else will it be?
I call it the "Transformatorium"*, a place of teaching, healing and training.
Probably to your surprise: everything is based on mutuality e.g. cooperation.
It is NOT a business. It means that everything is very basic.

* Transformatorium as an International Training Center, a project for the future.

It should be established in a climatic zone, where much of the "work"
is done in the (half) open. Preferably near or in nature, a "Sacred Grove",
where an Eco-Temple* can be set up and Eco-Spiritual exercises
be held. Housing and catering are in the surrounding hotels and pensions.
It would be great, if a Dark Room could be built.
Contributions are based on donations, helping our Mission "Cosmic
Mother Healing the Planet" to evolve.

* Glasshouse, click "Shrine" in the index page

Roughly one could say, my effort focusses on Spirituality, Health and
Ecology. All three are existential. Spirituality leads you to your True
Home (Self), Health tries to give an answer to a health situation
that has gone totally out of hand, while Ecology emphazes
that we are all part of the Whole. In the center these three dimensions
are interrelated, in such a way, that all faculties of spirit, mind
and body are addressed.

In the course of my "career" I never accumulated riches. I neither
founded an organization. In the last 12 years I lived a life as a "hermit"
writing all my insights and experiences down.
Without support of enthusiastic and committed people my plan for a Center will
certainly remain a dream. Obviously, I shall do the first step myself,
starting on a VERY humble scale. Further developments, to the benefit
of all and everyone, depend on YOU, though.

Realizing that this initiative is based on the Revelation of the
Cosmic Mother, which is a breakthrough in spirituality
of immeasurable importance, add to it, that we don't have too much time
left for Healing the Planet,
it would be a missed chance of enormous proportions,
NOT to give birth to the First Sanctuary of the Cosmic Mother on earth,
a place at which She will be inviting all those who suffer.

Take Refuge in Her, with all that you are and have.
Plea to Her as a child to its Mother,
and the chances to be healed have never been so big.

It is all part of my
Cosmic Mother

Independent, non-denominational, non-partisan, non-commercial

Copyright Han Marie Stiekema Sermes.
All rights reserved

In order to have a full overview of the work,
we recommend you to first going back to the beginning of
Han Marie Stiekema's website.
Please, click HOME and proceed from there


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