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The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother

Healing the Planet

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


Based on:
Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service
Earth Service

that will totally transform the world.
To people and organizations world-wide

Han Marie Stiekema

To the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I
Honoring his Great Work to Saving the Earth.


I agree, religion could contribute a great deal to the Greening of the World.
Pre-condition, though, is that it first should "green" itself.

This, again, pre-supposes a "theology" that acknowledges
God as the Great Greening Force of the universe.

It will be clear, that this is not the case.

Considering the Churches' fixed canon and dogma's,
it cannot be expected that fundamental transformation will take place, ever.

The Cosmos, however, has shown its inherent compassion
by Revealing Itself (1977) in a unique way, with the aim of saving the earth.

The Ultimate appears to be a Vacuum or Cosmic Womb
giving birth to the Divine (Her Light Body) and the universe (Her Material Body).

It means, that the Ultimate is All-Embracing, all creatures are content
of Her Eternal Space.

Her Cosmic Law including the "Cycle of Birth and Death", taking care of
a dynamic balance on all levels of existence.

This is the Core of Eco-Spirituality, defining Our Original Tradition
of the Universal Cosmic Mother as a Green Religion.

It is reflected by our Spiritual Path. After having given up your ego,
the Mother is giving birth to your True Self within.

"Ego or Eco, that's the question".

Subsequently, this your True Self is becoming part of the Whole:
"Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community", once again.

This I have called "Existential Consciousness". Everybody and everything,
without exception is part of it.

It emphasizes the Divine Immanence, "Spirit in Nature", symbolized by
"Green Men" and "Wise Women", restoring the Sacredness of nature.

"Green Men" and "Wise Women" are the Green Archetypes of the Ancient
World: Inanna, Isis, Kybele, Astarte, Tammuz, Osiris, Attis, Dionysos,
Al-Khidr, Jesus, Maitreya, Parzival....

During my research I discovered thousands of Green Man (foliage) faces
carved on temples, churches and in streets.

It is the True Tradition of the Original Cosmic Mother, Her Divine Daughters
and Her Son/Lovers, as it existed in pre-Christian times.

Parzival was the last mythological representative of this glorious past.
Recently, he incarnated in order to start his Mission of "Healing the Planet".

My Vision: Green Spirituality, Green Politics, Green Economy.....
Everything in the Name of the Cosmic Mother.

(May the Mother prevail)

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All rights reserved

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